Welcome to ideas (We call each idea a CSR idea because CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation)

We will start promoting this ideas folder from 02.10.2019
These ideas can be new or old ideas

The idea is of YOU and we are just integrators.
We will p
ut your name and contact phone below ideas so that credit of idea remains with you & people, organisations contact you. Our role is sharing your ideas with the world.

People can ask various questions like cost, legality, usability, sustainability, reputation, brand ....
and below the idea, just mention clearly that you know ..... things and you do not know ..... things.

This is because it may happen that what is legal in one country may not be legal in other country.
Also, should one use the idea for branding,

We will not give email ids because one may get emails which which are from other companies who bought email ids or ... and these mails may be spam mails or Junk mails and it unnecessarily wastes time. Also, one can give phone number can mention that you can call between 7 PM to 8 PM in our country time. Or one can create a new email id exclusively for this and be ready to accept any mail which is regarding the topic or otherwise. And the idea person or organisation should say that put this email id.


Umbrellas free
On top of Umbrella, you may put your name or organisation Brand Name and link to your official website

You can write that
This Umbrella is given free & is not sold. Use the umbrella and give it to others free.

If you dont want to put your name, its absolutely ok but do mention that this umbrella is free & dont pay any money to get this umbrella.

Idea : Anil Bhot