Like most of the people in this world, we feared the very words police & court.
Again, most of the people think that, no body should have police cases or court cases.
Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat, who had similar views, changed completely in year 2013.
He thinks why students think only medical, engineering, CA, MBA.... profession, why students who get into top 100 ranking in their school in any country do not think of joining Police force or military or joing law system.

After years of experience, the maximum grade a person reaches is either be the CEO of a large company or founder of a world class company / NGO / foundation .... but if they reach the highest class in the police force or legal system, they can change lives of many more people in their country. So when people say that "Shahanyane courtachi payari chadhu naye - A clever person should never go to court", Sanjay thinks that Clever people should join police, military & legal field, so that the world get positive efforts in changing it faster, including the damage legal system is doing to climate change because of lot of use of paper in this technology world.

After meeting police officials, we realised that police are for safety and they save us from many criminals or criminal or bad human behaviour. They also are the people who reach accident spots and do all kinds of investigations.

Like corporates have different departments like HR, marketing, corporate communications, materials, finance, administration... police also have different departments like preventive police, traffic police, police in jails or prisons ....

After meeting police official Mr V V Laxminarayana (click here for his views) we admire police and will start sharing police departments in different countries.

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