Practically speaking, all non corrupt NGOs doing real work for communities, nations and climate are STAR NGOs.
Its like all people who play in Wimbledon are great tennis players.
But you select only 1 as winner. Or if their is a tie, then two.

We are told that there are 3.3 million NGOs in India. That's tooooo much.
If there are 5 million or 10 million NGOs in this world, thats too many.
From 10 million, if we select 20000, it is 0.002%
In Wimbledon, 128 women play in Women's tournament or
128 men play in Men's tournament, 1 winner which means 1/128 which is 0.78125
But this is people who are selected to play in Wimbledon. In real life, there may be millions of players who play Tennis as hobby, health, game.

How we select STAR NGOs ?
First : Let us be clear that our methodology may is not science driven.
So it is not scientifically perfect.
Second : We may increase this to 30000 also because for us 20000 is just one starting point, ther eare many many NGOs worldover doing good.
Third : We select the NGOs based on who financially supports them and not on credit rating criteria which we tried to do in 2001-03 period.

We know credit rating will take 6 months to a year for one NGO and in life, no one can do credit rating of 1 million NGOs.

We select these 20000 NGOs isseuwise not countrywise.
But donors and volunteers want to know the country, so we share their headquarter address to see the county of headquarters.

These 20000 NGOs are financially
supported by or started by
1) STAR celebrities
2) Philanthropist who have at least donated USD 100 000 to many NGOs
3) Funding agencies with total budget of USD 150000
4) Corporate foundations with total budget of USD 150000
5) UN
6) NGOs founded by ASHOKA fellows

Our plan
20 000 NGOs from all issues (STAR NGO issues)
Period : 1.1.2020 to 31.03.2021
Instead of sharing countrywise NGOs, we share STAR NGOs issuewise.

We know the donors and volunteers are focussed and they want to know the country of the NGO.

If the NGO works in 5 issues, then what ?
If an NGO works on 5 issues, we share them in 5 issue folders but count that as one because we select 1 NGo (Yes, even if is in 5 folders)
One NGO we can share maximum in 5 issue folders (even if the NGO works in 10 issues)


Name of the NGO with link to its official website
If the NGO has no official website, then just the address and contact numbers (Not contact email address because many organisations sell emails and you can buy it from them, if that is what you want)

Headquarter location (in some cases address)

Is this NGO recommended by ?
If we are recommending an NGO, then we have to study it properly and that is not our focus in 2020-2021. But we know that anyone donating to an NGO or volunteering with an NGO, wants credibility check of the NGO and that is why we will share "NGO taken because ..." where we will share the supporter of the NGO and in some cases, we may say that the founder knows the NGO

In no case, we will
1) Take any money from NGO to put their name in STAR NGOs category 2) not share the name even if the NGO pays hugh amount of money to share their name. We will share it because of their supporter is a Celebrity or founder is ASHOKA Fellow or the NGO is supported by well known funding agency or by UN or by corporate foundation.
3) not share the NGO if more than 10% of the NGO earning in through awards, events, workshops (even if they are registered as NGO)
4) not share agencies which earn money to give it to NGOs (even if they are registered as NGO). Our purpose of selecting the NGOs which are doing work on issues
5) The NGO is not against the government or is not managed by an activist who may be the founder or CEO.
6) If we mention any such NGO which is an agency or collecting money through awards, workshops, events, then we will delete the NGO if one gives us the intimation that the NGO is not working on issues

7) for disclaimers, click here

How can NGOs or corporates be seen in this folder ?
On top of every page of this folder there is provision to share the name with link to the official website of the NGO or corporate.

Again, no agency which earns more than 10% of its income through events, workshops, raising money for other NGOs will be allowed on top of the page even if it is legally registered as corporate or NGO because we respect all legalities but have clear rules of who or who should not be on site.

For details, contact Datacentre.