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STAR NGOs : Concept
In any large film, there are many people who act in the film, write the film, sing songs or direct music or play guitar or harmonium for songs, produce film, do makeup to artists, give lights (usually lightsman) .... but most of the viewers remember only heroines, hero, villain, music director, producer, singer and film names. They become celebrities. We hardly hear any lightsman as celebrity or any person who dies makeup as celebrity

There are millions of NGOs in this world doing good work. But only few NGOs are celebrities or STARS. Maybe because they got funds from known funding agencies, known corporate foundations, known philanthropists, celebrities (STARs).
They are now NGO Brands
Normally, funding agencies, volunteers, media always look at these NGOs for giving funds, giving time or writing about it.
We hardly hear any NGO started by a disabled person or parents of disabled as STAR NGO (of course there are exceptions) or by a person below the poverty line as STAR NGO working for poverty or a person who was in Jail and started an NGO for people behind bars as STAR NGO.

In 2020-2021, we start with only 20000 STAR NGOs (See concept)
We share them issuewise, but know that donors & volunteers want to know the NGO in their country or their region, so we share them namewise and country name wise.

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