Teachers : They can be academic, business, political, naxalite teachers ... anywhere in the world

Founder admits that he used to "bunk" Engineering and MBA college because he thought teachers were saying what is there in books. It is academics and library books do that only. He passed but he failed.
Passed academic exam but failed is understanding teacher.

He thought his mother Aai, who conducted Montessory indirectly taught him "Value Education". It was not in Montessory but in life.

He thinks teachers must go beyond books. They must ensure that their student understands real background. 2 x 2 = 4 is not something which they should teach. They should teach the concept of multiplication and give example like 2 x 2 = 4 and ask children how much is 12345 x 6789 and when the children say 83810205, they should say it is right and the student has understood multiplication.

But life is far difficult than 3 x 3 because our life (more so because of climate change) is affected by 7.8 billion present people on earth plus billions of others who were on earth in last 2800000 years.

Founder was told by Vikasdada that founder's son who got admission in medical college must attend lectures because teachers know far more on the topic they teach than student. Of course, there can be some cases where teachers may not know many things beyond academics ... but that is life.

Founder thought Practicals in Engineering and even in his science college days were important because you see the change.

In medical colleges, in practicals you can see
Just a pregnant lady (only 1 human being)
Then within seconds, you see mother and her child or 2 in case of twins ... or
patients heart condition was different before and after the operation.
That is what you see in practicals
Not just read in theory

In business, when the leader helps the company grow substantially, she or he does not work alone but governs people who make change. So it is practical.

In Business Schools they teach but when students go for internship it is practical teaching.

In Politics, leaders tell you how to win minds of voters.

Even in naxalites, the leader by self example is a teacher of focus.
In army, every leader teaches you how to use "Gun or pistol or ... perfectly to ensure killing of enemy. So its perfection.

The idea is respect good teachers.
And even if the teachers are bad, dont neglect them.
Aurobindo Ghose


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