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Earth by numbers

Date of Discovery : Unknown         Discovered By : Known by the Ancients

Orbit Size Around Sun
Metric: 149,598,262 km     English: 92,956,050 miles    Scientific Notation: 1.4959826 x 108 km    Astronomical Units: 1.000 A.U.

Mean Orbit Velocity
Metric: 107,218 km/h    English: 66,622 mph    Scientific Notation: 2.9783 x 104 m/s

Orbit Eccentricity

Equatorial Inclination
23.4393 degrees

Equatorial Radius
Metric: 6,371.00 km    English: 3,958.8 miles    Scientific Notation: 6.3710 x 103 km

Equatorial Circumference
Metric: 40,030.2 km    English: 24,873.6 miles    Scientific Notation: 4.00302 x 104 km

Metric: 1,083,206,916,846 km3    English: 259,875,159,532 miles3    Scientific Notation: 1.08321 x 1012 km3

Metric: 5,972,190,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg    Scientific Notation: 5.9722 x 1024 kg

Metric: 5.513 g/cm3

Surface Area
Metric: 510,064,472 km2   English: 196,936,994 square miles    Scientific Notation: 5.1006 x 108 km2

Surface Gravity
Metric: 9.80665 m/s2    English: 32.041 ft/s2

Escape Velocity
Metric: 40,284 km/h    English: 25,031 mph    Scientific Notation: 1.119 x 104 m/s

Sidereal Rotation Period
0.99726968 Earth Days    23.934 Hours

Surface Temperature
Metric: -88/58 (min/max) °C    English: -126/136 (min/max) °F    Scientific Notation: 185/331 (min/max) K

Atmospheric Constituents
Nitrogen, Oxygen    Scientific Notation: N2, O2    By Comparison: N2 is 80% of Earth's air and is a crucial element in DNA.


What is the diameter of the earth?
The diameter of the earth at the equator is 7,926.41 miles (12,756.32 kilometers).
If you measure the earth through the poles the diameter is a bit shorter - 7,901 miles (12,715.43 km).
Thus the earth is a tad wider (25 miles / 41 km) than it is tall, giving it a slight bulge at the equator.
This shape is known as an ellipsoid or more properly, geoid (earth-like).