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Major social issue in the world. It is infact a Life issue
When son, grand son, daughter is law purposely dont see you before you leave earth and worst is when they influence others not to see you last time on earth.
'First human' discovered in Ethiopia : 2.8 million years back



And human attitude disease like not purposely seeing your father, grand father and father in law who has expired but is about to leave in physical form is a big disease world must take care. Its a deadly disease and people who do this might kill someone related to them or known to them and law will take years to decide because there are so many pending cases.

Justice ministry in each country must form a law related to killing and must have a special court who can finish all the arguments within a 3 month period starting from the day of killing.
Else lawyers will purposely take next date after next date after next date for many years and this is very much against the purpose of law, which is help legally (Law does not allow interference of your position in society or your relationship with someone in legal decision just like a doctor keeps relattionship between her or him and the patient.) e.g. It took founder more than 5 years to stand in the court of law in his almost fatal case. The lawyer was ok but the pending cases made one think whether accident kills a person or legal decision waits so much that the person dies. (Human life has no legal meaning can be what a person thinks in such cases).

In the last 2.8 million years, billions of people who lived on earth have seen many conflicts, deadly wars, diseases, floods, earthquakers, fires

Now world has become a village and like a contagious disease spreads faster in a village, Covid19 which is a non contagious disease has spread across the world and economy has gone down seriously. But this is a medical disease and there will be some medicine or vaccine after some days and it certainly will not be a big disease in 2030.

But there would be new diseases, crime, wars, conflicts ... and we have not learnt deadly disease which we see.
We and our future generations have to fight it.
Call it by any name but in simple words it is " Climate disease"

We say we have not learnt because we use plastic, paper (which used wood and which means cutting trees) all the time
ven our mobile phones are used only for couple of years and then we sale it or resale it and buy new mobile phone.
We dont bother to know whether our earlier phone was thrown or parts of it are used and balance thrown or ...
It leads to climate change.

We use petrol, diesel, fly by airplanes, use computers ... everything we do has some effect on climate.
We want good packing when we buy products and from the manufacturer to our wholesale agent to retailer to us, the equipment travels which means petrol, diesel is used.

We know we are not 1st century persons who never used internet, vehicles, ACs, airplanes, mobiles ... and technology changed us.
But our human attitude is changing.
If we dont use same mobile for 3 years.
We either sale the mobile or give it to somebody who works in our house (thinking we are great)

If we use mobiles and treat is like respiration, but do we sell ourself ?
We sell our talent but ask yourself if you & your spouse are available for sale.
And are you ok if someone permamently buys your husband or wife or mother or father or children at a price which is more than what you think.

World must fight against climate because neither 100000 billion dollars nor just 10 countries can solve this problem.

It needs the world to come together and Covid19 has partly started this action of togetherness.
And it is good because working from home means reducing climate damage because we use less vehicles, and in a way we use less water and light ...

It has also helped friends to come togetheron video meetings.

And it has resulted in parents seeing their children many times a day (instead of once in few days or months)

First human on earth was found 28 00 000 years back.
In the last 2.8 million years, world has seen many viruses causing AIDS, Polio, Covid19, wars, floods, deserts ...

But the world is facing 2 deadly viruses
1) Not seeing your father, when he is about to leave earth
2) Climate change that our forefathers and we are doing, and may be next few generations will do..

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