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Founder name : Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat. He calls his mother Aai and father Bhau
After 28.08.2013, he started thinking that all 7.7 plus billion citizens are his family members. It looks that its toooo large a family.
He is physically given birth by Aai, so Kumud after his name, then his father Bhau, then surname.
Founder teacher : Rohan
Important day : Not 8.8.1962 his birthday but 28.08.2013, his survival day (In non legal & non medical term second birth)

Founder knows that he, his wife and other son Aum are just 3 of the 7.7 billion plus living humans on earth and sharing their photographs is not at all important. Founder never liked to take photos when meeting someone because it dilutes the purpose. He learnt taking photographs from Aum, with whom he went to meet Prof Yunus in Austria. He took him to South Korea to see global human behaviour.
Founder is a Driver who drives CSRidentity.com (CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation).
Founder is a citizen of India, the largest democracy in this world. He is watching how citizens in this country behave, how law is burdened so much that it took more than 6 years of the almost fatal accident for just the district court in India to pass a legal order.

He is experiencing the simple fact that even in a district court (Thane district), there is no order taken when a Thane based citizen pays legal taxes, follows law and gives his house and property to his son. And this is court in Thane, then High Court, then Supreme court ... World must watch this because 17% of citizens in the world live in India, the largest democracy in the world.
And on what basis we can even think (forget about saying) that India is moving fast. Indian Judicial system must act on this, else India's Identity will be questioned by the world.

Purpose of life of founder
Integration of social, health & climate work (SHC work) done by individuals & organisations (all stakeholders) in all countries.

And while he is doing integration,
with his experience in advertising and studying life constantly, he is keen on BRANDING those humans, organisations who are doing SHC work so that the world sees how important is the role of these BRANDS. .



If you want to see the people he met or talked or shared communication with (in short his various teachers) read below.
If you think its a waste of your valuable time, STOP here.
But founder has a request. Please share your valuable time and help communities, climate.
See at the end of the page founder's experience in humanity. Of course no names shared because founder knows law needs legal proofs.

1) Someone saying not good words about Police & Lawyers, 2) Raktapaat (Blood bath) and 3) Life Insurance

Nobel & Magsaysay Prize winners, Padmashree winner, Giving Pledgers, Ambassador & Venkat

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Founder met Prof Yunus at Global Social Business Summit in Vienna in Austria
Founder wanted his young son Aum to know world happenings and enlarge the reachout of CSRidentity.com, so took Aum to Vienna to meet Prof Yunus (Aum was in 8th Standard then). But Aum decided to become a medical doctor. And founder does not go against the wish of any citizen, he can only share his views with others including son and is completely against dictatorship)


Magsaysay Award winners
Anshu Gupta (Anshu and his family visited founder's home. Infact Anshu sent him a message at about 9 AM the day he got the news of Magsaysay award. Founder knew that Phillipines is ahead of India in terms of time, so Anshu got the news early morning)
Telephonic discussion with Arvind Kejriwal (Founder interviewed him because he is an Ashoka Fellow, now Kejriwal is CM of Delhi)
Arole (Met at his residence in Ahmadnagar)

Padmashree Padmaja Phenany Joglekar : Singer
She is so human that she sang on phone when founder's maternal aunt in August 2019 needed non medical therapy of good voice.

Again, when Anil, his MBA batchmate had Covid, she sang on phone and Anil & his wife listened the song..

Persons who took Giving Pledge
Nandan & Rohini Nilekani.
Amongst many people, Nandan Nilekani took founder's views on NGO sector for his book "Imagining India"

Venkat Krishnan
If each continent has Venkat, world will be good. If each country has Venkat type, world will be far greater. Much faster.

USA Ambassador to India
Richard Frank Celeste (US Ambassador in India in 2001) & Jacqueline Lundquist
Met them in Delhi in 2001 when they launched founder's webportal on International NGOs. Now this portal content is merged in CSRidentity.com







Greats from country India - Met, talked with or got letters from them (Thane which is part of India but covered separately)

President Dr Abdul Kalam
Former President of India was a great scientist and had a bigger & deeper human heart.
When founder had done a portal on all the villages in India - now merged in CSRidentity.com, founder got a call and the number was not displayed. It was from the office of Dr Kalam and the founder had a telecon with him
Just a telecon but founder felt so proud.
Infact he received letters from many government offices related to the Warli Painting frame he sent when he started the village portal and this includes some governors, secretaries.. and he met and interviewed Lieutenant Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Ram Kapse when they faced challenges and did disaster relief.
ut just talking to Dr Kalam gave clear views that
1) whatever you achieve, you must respect your parents.
2) you can do a lot if you are involved with the thing you do

Government of India Minister : Sharad Pawar in his Delhi office.
Chief Minister of Maharashtra : Vilasrao Deshmukh (At CM's house when we had done a website)
Dr Narendra Jadhav : MP, also part of fomer PM's consulting team. Met at his office and home in Delhi and at founder's home in Thane
Collector : Ajit Joshi (Thane collectors shared separately)

Ratan Tata : Ratan Tata is Tata Group Chairman
Met him twice alongwith Wally Olins when Tata Group was thinking of Identity of Tata Group
Infact that is when the word Identity in CSRidentity.com came in the name of this portal, CSRidentity.com.

Nachiket Mor - Various times at ICICI, once at IFMR near Chennai. He was Head of Gates Foundation in India.
Nachiket through ICICI Bank asked founder to do a research on how much Indian corporates give to communities in terms of money.
In 2014, Hudson University, Washigton asked founder's company to do a research on how much Indian companies help in countries other than India (in terms of social investment).

Nitin Paranjpe - Met him at his office, home and at Dharavi school when he volunteered. Nitin is now Chief People and Transformation Officer of Unilever.
R Ram & Yashmi Yadav
: Real caring humans (For founder, Ram & Yashmi are very very important because of their trust is us)
They worked in Hindustan Unilever Ltd. in 2013. Founder's accident was on 28.08.2013 just a few days before Global Handwash Day on 15th October 2013. Founder was part of Golbal Handwash Day support team since 2008 when HUL started it.
Though founder did not organise or participate in GHD 2013, his organisation handled it in 2013. Infact founder's wife started work beyond admin and accounts only after the accident and we are so committed to people that she was at BMC office for one meeting when founder was in ICU. But more importantly, Ram & Yashmi showed that "faith and help" exists in this large world)



Now alphabetical
Aloka & Malini : They are not just clients from HSBC but good friends of family
Amitabh Bachchan
: Not just a celebrity in films but has good social angle (Just a letter)
Infact founder received many letters from ministers, secretaries of central government, Governors acknowledging his social calendar.
But letter from Amitabh is different because it was not just acknowledgement but indirectly gave his idea of developed nation.
Ashank Desai, Sundar, Sudhakar, Sanjay Mudnaney of Mastek & Mastek was first for our employee volunteering
Ashutosh Gowariker Film actor, producer. Interviewed him in his Caravan which he used in Swades.
Baba Datar
: Founder & his wife's great inspiration. Was local guardian of Aum in Nasik.
Bachal :
Builder from Hinjawadi Pune.
Bobby Sista
: Founder worked with him (1996-1999 and used to work one day a week in 1999). He is investor in our parent company
: His organisation took care of Rohan immediately after 5.30 AM on 28.8.2013
Cecil Dmello : His organisation takes good care of Founder's son and teacher Rohan
Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala : He started Wockhardt Foundation when he could have been at Wockhardt Pharma, company started by his family.
Dilip Apte who thinks diabetes, polio, heart issues should not come in your way to lead life through Bhagwat Geeta.
Dilip Ranjekar who was in WIPRO and now in Azim Premji Foundation
Gautam Rakshit : Advertising Avenues
Jacky Shroff : Hindi film star. Met him at US Ambassador's house.
Jaggi Vasudev : Attended a programme by Isha Foundation in Coimbatore. Also saw him in Japan but did not meet him there..
Keshub Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra
Madan Behl Adfactors PR
Madhav Chavan of Pratham, which works in most of India on education.
Medha Patkar of Narmada Bachao Aandolan. (Infact founder forgot his mobile at Bilgaon where he had gone to see BILGAON MICROHYDEL PROJECT which inspired movie Swades produced by Ashutosh Gowariker. He called & collected the mobile from Medha Patkar's Chembur house where he interviewed her)
Praniti Shinde, now an MLA in Maharashtra.
Pravin and Priti Patkar
of Prerana which works on Trafficking.
Founder got one of his employees from Prerana where he had taken volunteers from Mastek.
Rajan Datar : Founder has done a public issue for Rajan's first company and great admirer of Datar Cancer Genetics efforts
Rohini Nilekani
: She invests time and money on education and now more on water
Sudha Murty : She invests time and money on education (Founder met her at Infosys Foundation)
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : In his Ashram in Bengaluru

Students in various Municipal schools in Mumbai, Delhi and tribal schools in Thane, Jowhar - They are future of this big world and some are great motivators.
Vijay Mahajan, BASIX
Vijay Mansukhani
of ONIDA (Founder hardly met Chairman Gulu Mirchandani)
Vibhavkant Upadhyay Founder of India Centre Foundation, which is the organisation which knows many people & organisations in Japan




Greats from different countries

Identity in CSRidentity.com is taken after meeting Wally Olins
Founder met Wally and Pamella Wolley in India.
Olins expired near London at the age of 83 on 14 April 2014. Founder was in London between 12 to 18 April 2014, but unfortunately could not see Wally.

Greats in different countries
Air travel is expensive. Founder could visit countries because many
visits were financially sponsored by organisations he worked with or associated with..
But founder's nature was and is such that he had returned money given to him as allowance because he did not use the entire amount.
His meeting was over in the morning in Amsterdam. So he left hotel in noon, travelled in the city and saved one day hotel expenses which he returned to the company he worked with.

Founder never bothered about making money. Because he dealt with people and not money.
Of course people need money was realised after 28.08.2013
Infact people & organisations paid for founder's hospital and 'after hospital expenses' because founder's family could not afford sustainability.
Founder's mediclaim took care of just hospital bills.

Canada : Meeting social entrepreneurs in 1997 and that time the Canada President also came for the function.
Netherlands : Business leaders in 1998 and again in May 2013
Phillipines : Social entrepreneurs in Manila in 1999
United Kingdom : Business leaders (He visited twice and met his classmate Mohan settled there - Mohan is his classmate but he met him more for playing Carrom. And it was indeed great that Mohan donated Rs 60000/- in 2020 to Developed Nation Network Trust for helping Thane)
Thailand : Was on his way back from Japan and did see "vegetables sold" in floating river
France : ASHOKA Fellow at Paris
Austria : Global Social Business Summit in Vienna in Austria where he met business leaders and Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate
UAE : On his way from Austria, Saw Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest building on earth
South Korea : Social and community leaders in Seoul in 2009
Japan : Prime minister, former Prime Ministers and Policy makers, business leaders, political representatives at Indo Japan Summit in Tokyo in 2011.
Singapore : Animals like Tiger, Lion, Elephants from hardly any distance


Greats in Thane. (Thane is our global example and we plan to ensure that Brand Thane helps the world)

It is important to note that Thane leaders have realised the importance of politics.
T Chandrashekhar was the TMC commissioner and launched founder's website in Thane in 1999. Now he runs a political party.
V V Lakshminarayana, the Deputy Police Commissioner of Thane used to volunteer at Bhivandi and founder used to go there. But now has also entered politics.

Member of Parliament
His batchmate at M H High School Shri Rajan Vichare is Member of Parliament (Loksabha) in India.
Former MP Shri Prakash Paranjape stayed closeby and founder stayed at his MP Bunglow in Delhi in 2001.
Founder sometimes used to take sessions in Rambhau Mhalgi Prabothini and its then Director General Dr Vinay Sahastrabuddhe was now Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha)

Ujwal Uke
, Ashwini Joshi
In fact after meeting Ujwal Uke, founder decided to start his social enterprise. He had even resigned from his job, but went back to the same organisation to continue his job in about a fortnight. It is interesting to note that with Ujwal Uke founder did campaign for accidents way back in 1996 and on 28.8.2013 founder had an accident.

Now alphabetical
Adv Ram Apte : Simple by nature (Of course great lawyer)
Aum : Founder's son who accompanied Bhau while taking him to hospital on 28.8.2013 (He was in 11th Standard then - first year in college, Now he has finished MBBS)
Bhau : Founder's courageous father who even went a step ahead and did a Gift Deed by legally giving him his property. His thinking was "Leave this world empty".
Cuckoo Paul : Founder came in contact with her in Business India. She was then with ET, Forbes and is now in, McKinsey. But we think of her as a good friend.
Gadiyars : Abhay & Radhika are responsible for seeing and giving one unknown child for adoption.
Dr Mohan Chadavarkar : Mohan was a fellow Rotarian who told founder & his wife to do tests to see if Rohan was special or there was some Genetic issue related problem and we should not try second child. He was President of Rotary 3140.
: Founder's son who is disabled. He is his teacher of Integration.
Shakuntala mavshi who took real care of Rohan
Singh of Jupiter Hospital (He is just a staff person in MRI section but founder has developed friendship with him and meets him regularly)
TJSB authorities : Vaishampayan, Karve, Utekar, Sunil Sathe
T Chandrashekhar - TMC Commissioner - Started Political party
V V Laxminarayana - Former Police person in Thane. Now he has joined Politics
Vikasdada : He is a doctor, handled several surgeries. Infact founder remembers that when he called Vikasdada that his wife is getting labour pains he had kept his hospital staff, doctors, anaestetist ready for delivery and the new born was Aum - 30.8.1997 at about 11.58 PM). Now spends most of his time in rose garden named after his father at Saralgaon and in music.

Greats in Thane
- See the inspirational fighting spirit
Nilkore kulkarni - Founder used to meet him almost daily when he went for morning walk. His vocal cord was removed because of cancer.
Relative - Name not to be shared, she is fighting third stage cancer for so many years
Relative - Name not to be shared, she tried hard when her husband was fighting blood cancer

Founder thinks that Poverty is a big culprit
Founder was almost ready to take financial care of Hari Wagh (Below the Poverty Line citizen in Palu in Thane district) for 3 years but founder realised that he should promote the concept and idea of taking care of Below the Poverty Line citizens for 3 years rather than just doing 1 case himself in this life..








Greats at and after 28.08.2013

Greats at the time of hospitalisation after 28.08.2013
Dr Harshad Purandare : A doctor with great humanity.
Dr Vishwanath Bapat : Aurvedic treatment. Of course founder knows him much before that.
Greats like Venkat (name comes regularly)
Not to be named philanthropist
Founder's school alumni like Sandeep Bhagwat, Abhay Gadiyar

Founder's MMS alumni like Sunil Joshi, Anil Bhot, Ajita (Even Girish who stays in Australia enquired and later met the founder)

Founder's relative Vidhyadhar Patki and his brother Dr Vinay Patki
Founder's friends like Satish Ponkshe, Tendulkar, Raju Patwardhan
Founder's relatives Atul Vaze, Manoj Marathe, Amey Joshi, P..
Founder's Nalu mavashi, Aasha Mavashi and Chintaman Kaka
And of course relatives like Neha, Medha Vaze, Medha Patki, Neeta and Rohini's friends were great help because they used to help Rohini when founder was taken for Oxygen therapy in Ambulance.

Founder's wife Rohini : Founder thinks her name must be shared at the end.

Founder is not writing names of people he met like CSR heads, Corp com heads, NGO heads or funding agency heads, World Bank, UN representatives in different parts of India








Change of thinking after 28.08.2013

Human values were enhanced (not changed)
Meeting (or even seeing) Ratan Tata adds value. It gives you the outlook to see life at global level.

Would you like to meet Hari Wagh or meet (or just be in crowd to see) the real great Ratan Tata ?
Given a choice to meet Hari Wagh for 1 hour and meet or just physically see Ratan Tata for 1 second,
more than 99.99999999999999 % will say Ratan Tata for 1 second ( just see him in person not TV).

Ratan Tata has met millions of people and will not know all the millions who met him for 1 second or just saw him.
But most of the people remember that 1 second throughtout their life because it has great non financial value in life.

In real life also, no one wants to see Hari Wagh. They say they face many challenges in day to day life and dont want to add.
People will spend Rs 3650 for two (infact much more) at a five star hotel for their birthday.
but giving Rs 3650 (Rs 10 per day) to organisations which take care of people like Hari Wagh is strictly NO.
That giving doesnt give them satisfaction.

People like to see photographs of well known people or celebrities.
They would not like to see
1) Photos of Below the Poverty Line citizens
2) Ambulance (Dont they use it in case of medical emergencies ?)
3) Person using a stick to walk (that's what founder did for few hours after 28.08.2013, he is told)

Founder remembers but cant share all names, typically those who have lost humanity
knows that some names are purposely not taken because they are just born as humans and have lost humanity
Founder really does not knew who came to hospital because in ICU (hospitals dont allow tooooo many people).
But all names are written in his wife's diary.
And if some good humans names are not taken, its a mistake that the founder admits.
(Of course, we cant write names of people who just visited the hospital or founder visited them before and after the accident)

What's changed after 28.08.2013
thinks that this is his second birth (he knows that medically it is wrong to say that this is his second life but he thinks that medicines do not and should not dictate thinking)
So he says he thinks this is his second life (again, it is not legally his second life because law says that a dead person is a dead person. Actually in language terms, founder thinks its not second physical life but it was postponement of death. But again thinking and advertising background as well as many people who saw him after his 28.08.2013 accident believe that he had a close and almost fatal accident)

He knows that he has not done enough for the social sector (and he added health sector after 28.8.2013), so Bhau postponed his death.
His canvas increased from Thane and India to not just this world but this universe.

He never bothered about earning but for him giving to others was his nature. And he knows that his nature is his habit and it will not be changed.
After accident, he realised that sustainability is important and finance is required. But that realisation is still not followed.
If somebody genuinely needs support, founder is ready to directly give or ask someone to come forward and help.

He thinks that if one has not done enough and continues to live without doing anything, there is no point in living.
Nobody takes any money, property, jewellary when they die. Founder knows that no one takes satisfaction with them when they die. But truth doesnt die.
So do good when you live and leave.

If one has to leave this world one day and if one has not done anything for 50 years, what will one do in balance 50 years (Total 100 years) ?


Actually, the satisfaction is far far more than Rs 3650/- but people see financial value.
So founder has started giving Rs 3650/- on birthdays of him, his wife, his two sons, his father, his mother and 28th August which is a day when he thinks was his almost death and new thinking beginning. Click here to see this humanity service of your birthday.

They do not see Value of Education which founder was given by his mother Aai.

More than 1 Billion people living Below the Poverty Line on earth may lead to many social issues like migration, killings, rapes, slavery .... It a Bitter Truth which people want to avoid.
But avoiding listening to it and how organisations are working towards solving these challenges does not solve challenges.







Founder Identity
Founder or cofounder ?
Visitors sometimes see Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is founder and sometimes see Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is cofounder. Therefore they do not know whether it is a mistake.
Lets clarify this.
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is founder of CSRidentity.com and
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is cofounder of CSR Consulting Pvt Ltd the social enterprise company which manages CSRidentity.com

Again and again you will see Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat and not Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat because most of the habits do not die easily.

Founder name
Founder thinks his real name is Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat. Founder knows he has been given birth by parents but doesnt know why in this world, people dont put their mother's name in their full name. Afterall mother is the person who gave physical birth. But founder wants someone else to go to court various times and make it legal.

After 28.08.2013, his father Bhau, indicrectly told him that world & universe is his family. So he treats everyone in the world as family members. Some are good, some are bad, some doesnt bother about their own parents, some relatives who are literate fail human rights simple test .... CSRidentity.com covers all countries, continents, oceans and this universe. And would be happy to cover people from any country doing social good (of course they must be humans first not by birth but by behaviour) and all organisations working for social, health, climate issues from any country, SAR, island, territory..

Founder is a social entrepreneur. He is recognised by Ashoka, Washington (2003-06) he thinks he is a Driver who learns every minute in life.

Founder got some education which people think is good but founder doesent think it taught him life.
He is yet to attend a school / college which teaches real meaning of Value Education.
1987 - till date : Every second founder learns new things. But he attended and passed exams in colleges, schools
1985 - 87 : MBA in Marketing
1984-85 : He did 1 year Law which he repents because he thinks Law is very important and Law courts must be climate positive courts.
1980-84 : Mechanical Engineering
He attended 2 schools from 1968-77

Identity and Brand
Each individual has Unique Identity. Each individual has a different scale of brand.
Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat does not want to earn billions of dollars. He wants to earn billions of peace points.

Only Life Insurance in your brand name is telling half truth. Reality is nobody can insure your life forever because everyone who comes in earth has to depart earth one day.

Even great heart specialist like Nitu Mandke who did more than 10,000 cardiac surgeries dies of heart attack.

Founder thinks Life Insurance policies are related to money, not life because they do not physically insure Life.
Term Insurance (Only after Death) is clear. Nominees get money only if policy holder dies.

After his legal case related to his almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, he is clear. Life Insurance policies are money related and they do not insure life.

If billion people donate 2.3% time and if possible 2.3% of self earned money to Social, Health, Climate issues, founder will get billions of peace points.














Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is a Brand like 7.7 plus human brands. But is he a well known Brand ?
No. Not at all well known.
He thinks all individuals on earth are brands. They have unique identity.
He is just one of the 7.7 billion human brands in this world.

And there exist millions of for profit and not for profit organisations, thousands of governments at national, state, county, district and village level plus consultants, ad & PR agencies, media and how can one forget thousands of philanthropists who give money (right from $1 by a poor person to billions of dollars and some even give their life for Social, Health, Climate issues).

Then there non living things like rivers, religious locations, picinic spots which give fun or satisfaction in the otherwise routine life ....

Yes there are activists who may not work with governments (oppose governments) but they do it in the interest of communities (CSRidentity.com thinks that each government has opposition but instead of just opposing the government for political reasons, invest time to oppose governments in the wrong things it does for citizens and nature and tell them the right way to do it. This way you not only can be a winner but can play the role of teacher to government people. Remember, government is formed by people and people sometimes make mistake - hardly there is an individual who is perfect - what is important is correct the mistake and do not correct what other people think is a mistake but in reality it is not a mistake)

He thinks that every individual has different Identity and every human being (living or non living) is a brand; every living being (ideally a category like Tiger) is a brand; every non living thing (like cement or steel) is a brand and companies which manufacture them, invests ib branding the brand.

Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat who started this real life film has learnt value of life & how friends help more than blood relatives on 28.08.2013 . Time, Rohan & great individuals who live despite health issues are his teachers. He knows Death can be postponed, not stopped

When will founder leave this world in physical form ?
The date and time is not known to him. Founder knows that some people will be extremely happy to see him die.
But he want to leave this earth in physical form as a satisfied person - yes, despite of issues Rohan faces,. Founder is keen to get billions of peace points because he knows his life purpose was and is not earn billions of dollars or millions of dollars income but billions of peace points because each peace point is far far valuable than mere economic value of M

After an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, though he is a citizen of India, he thinks he is a global citizen.
He values humanity and truth in every religion, caste, nationality and gender.
He values humans who are respected in the world for their greatness. One may be economically rich or below the economic poverty line citizen or medically challenged individual .... they may be far more valuable than what society treats them ....

Till this moment, founder cant believe
There are people who meet with an accident (Almost fatal or just an accident) and do not remember what happened at the accident time.
Interestingly, founder went a step ahead and even after few days of the almost fatal accident, he didn't whether he was married.
His friends who stayed at hospital with him know the reality.
Founder laughs when they say this but know that they cant be so wrong.

Sometimes, founder uses his advertising background. Specially the creative where ONIDA icon was a Devil.

He worked in ONIDA (MIRC Elec) , so he knew TV Quality was good. Creative showed devil as icon and it worked wonders.
The devil in the image shows Devil tendencies
Founder wants Devil tendencies to be killed, not devil because everyone has some goodness.
Kill badness or bad behaviour but ensure that you do not kill goodness.

Truth will and should always be Truth. In reel life, acting (Only acting) like devil is great but never ever do it in Real life

This is what the great actor Amitabh said about great villain Pran
We have lost another gem from our beautiful collection of jewels .. He was a gentleman to the core, completely unlike the villain roles he played .. at work he was delight to be with .. always prepared and always on time - in fact much before time ! His sense of humour and his dignified presence was a lesson for all of us that came in contact with him...

(Yes Play because founder thinks CSRidentity.com is a continuous online ever changing film called GBI SHCI (Global Bank of Information on Social, Health, Climate issues).

It is changing because Change is the constant thing. With the only constant thing will be truth.
Yes, you can try creative ways to present the truth. Actually Truth is real and is bitter to many people, specially those who do wrong things so many times that doing wrong or telling lies becomes their habit. So showing the truth as Devil is like showing the bitter side of real life. It is Bitterness of reality.

And many people are real devils in life.
But if you have diabetes, you eat bitter melon or bitter gourd. Of course it also helps in treating various other health problems, the founder read.

A great scientist has a far great value than a person who makes large amount of money through corruption.

Values are far larger & deeper than money.
Founder learnt Value Education from Aai (his mother). And simplicity, courage, giving to others from Bhau (his father).
He is getting training on Integration from Rohan (Rohan his son has Sensory Integration Challenge)

After his Mechanical Engineering, he did an MBA in Marketing but for him these were just things that happened.
He never liked the type of "teaching education" that was given and used to bunk classes and use that time playing cricket, football, badminton, carrom and in libraries because he thought what was taught was in books which one can read & understand at home or in library.
Practicals are more important which is what he used to attend.

Of course later, when his second son got admission for Medical Sciences, Vikasdada told him that teachers know far better than students.
So attending lectures should be a habit.
Instead of doing things, founder was keen on promoting what others do. So he joined advertising and then Social PR.
He thinks LIFE is a far greater educator than school or college.



de facto describes practices that exist in reality, even though they are not officially recognized by laws.
It is commonly used to refer to what happens in practice, in contrast with de jure ("by law"), which refers to things that happen according to law.

Why CSRidentity.com says second life of founder it is de facto and it is what happens in practice
It is not medical term or legal term.












About Police & Lawyers, about Raktapaat (Blood bath) and about Life Insurance

Founder has met activists, community leaders ... and he has worked in the social sector since 1999, so for him bad words and bad words specifically about Police, Lawyers and selfish thinking about Father, Mother is not at all new. But things are getting worse day by day.

Founder respects Law and let law decide whether his real experience is legally true.
If anything bad happens then law and police can move in the direction of checking the trueness.
And founder is not worried about death. He knows every individual dies but truth should never die.

1) Bad words about police & law
Founder thinks it happened on his mobile phone.
Thinking is accepted by law only if (Repeat only if) it has legal proof. So founder says thinking.
In case anything fatal happens to founder (whatever reason) law can order the mobile company and see the reality because law will always believe in truth with real proof.

2) Did any person talked to founder about Rakta Paat (Blood bath) on 11th July 2013 or this is just thinking of founder ?
Things are accepted by law only if (Repeat only if) it has legal proof. So founder says thinking.
ounder thinks it happened and sent related email to 5 people (two of them outside India).
Police and court can order founder's email company to share which mail went from him to 5 others within 5 days after 11th July 2013
Founder thinks that this
can happen only in case anything fatal happens to him. (Anything, not just an accident, but anything fatal)

Founder normally gets up at 4 AM and works on most of the days.
This was not needed to be told in the court at accident hearing legal case, but founder thought that truth must be told to court.
Founder was earlier told that in the court just say what they ask and say only those things for which you have legal proof.
Founder thought that if the court had less time, the Judge should have said him to stop.
But the Judge did not say stop, so founder invested 1 or 2 minutes but he now thinks this investment was waste of his time.
He knows what you think is not what the courts want.
They want proofs. Legal proofs. Not emotional attitude but legal attitude.

But dont say anything in court without legal proof is important learning of founder after his accident related court case on 29.8.2018.
So now, nothing without legal proof is the decision founder has taken because he has many things happening to the world to worry about and even if the court asks founder to answer any questions for any number of hours, founder will follow Indian law.
He will think that some time of his life to serve others is given to court and of course this some time is important because 130 crore Indians must understand that court follows law..

he reality is that Indian courts have many pending cases, and just thinking or facts without proof is diluting valuable time of court.
So to repeat, founder has decided not to say anything without legal proof and dilute time of court.

Bhau, his father taught him simplicity, courage, helping others.
Founder has been working in the social sector of India since 1999.
The well respected police officials, collectors, politician, well connected people ... know the case and people involved.
So they will legally take care if any wrong thing happens.

3) Do Life Insurance Policies only take care of financials and not Life?
India is fortunate that it had Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar as the chief architect of the Indian constitution but Founder many times wonders why judicial system takes so much time not for a decision (repeat not a decision) but FOR first hearing.
He has experienced that after 5 years of an almost fatal accident he was called for first hearing. (Accident : 28.08.2013. First court hearing : 29.08.2018)

Life Insurance Policies are Income related. Not insuring physical life.
Whether Life Insurance treats a person cheap by giving him just $6000 (Rs 390 000/- if one takes $1 = Rs 65/-) or gives him amount that she / he asked for (Not exorbitant but not cheap) is a big issue not just for founder but to millions of people who do Life Insurance Policies.

Many are not clear of the exact meaning of the Life Insurance Policy. May be because of things like
1) it is not clearly written in Life Insurance Policy on the first page (repeat first page)
2) insurance agents do not clear this - they just say this. Infact they must be asked to get a separate signature of the person with matter written that the person signing insurance form is clear that this is only about money and not Life Insurance
3) people who insure do not bother to know

This thinking is now so clear that founder plans to write to the insurance companies about the same because of his experience after 28.08.2013

The amount depends on various factors like
1) type of accident - normal or almost fatal (this is not what the patient or lawyer thinks but registered doctor gives in legal writing)
2) her / his age (founder was 51 years at the time of the accident),
3) the type of work they do,
4) potential the person lost. ( In case of founder CSR Law was passed by the Government of India and founder had a meeting in Bengaluru with the CEO of Government Body in Mid August 2013 that represented 2%CSR activities.
This meeting was just few days before the almost fatal accident.

Amount Thane court asks Insurance companies to pay was known in 2019.
Founder thinks Term Insurance in a way is better because it means your nominated person gets money only if you die (expire is a better word), else there is no insurance. And the name of the nominee (person or institution to be given the money) must be written in the Term Insurance form and due medical check ups are done while issuing term insurance.

Founder was advised by his lawyer not to go to High Court or Supreme court because there will be hardly any change.
Founder plans to share the order of Thane court to related Insurance company.
These can be shared on CSRidentity.com and let the world see it.

And here we will share the name of the Judge because the Judge is the person who signed the documents and who signs the document is critical here because it is an important Legal order and people across the world should know who passed the order. And this is not our thinking. Court order has name of the judge.
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