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What is missing in CSRidentity.com ?

There are many things missing in CSRidentity.com
First let us be clear that CSRidentity.com is for you.
And you means
7.4 billion plus individual human beings in 258 countries, SARs, islands & territories. (some of whom can be visitors of CSRidentity.com)
Billions of living beings (like marine life, wild life, pet animals ....of course they can not visit CSRidentity.com)
Billions of non living but useful things (like water, rivers, oceans, farms, agricultural products.....again none of them can be visitors CSRidentity.com)

The first missing thing on CSRidentity.com is social issue programmes that governments, millions of NGOs are doing and corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists ... celebrities, volunteers, retail donors are supporting. We share the name & contact phone number of all because we want you to directly communicate with them.
The second missing thing is social issue funding proposals. We share them free and want donors and volunteers to directly communicate with them and celebs to enhance image of issue & organisations .
The thrid missing thing is videos related to each social issue which organisations, donors, volunteers ... put on the organisation website or on facebook or youtube.com or whatsapp groups ......

Then there are stakeholders
We have started sharing NGOs with their community focus area and address. From 25000 such NGOs that we have shared, we plan to share at least 200 000 names of NGOs in 200 countries but will be happy to share their detailed address and community focus area.
Then there are corporates, funding agencies, celebrities ...
Then there are what CSRidentity.com terms as celebrities like doctors, hospitals, religious locations, historical locations, social workers, CSR people in corporates, PR & corp com professionals, journalists, founders / trustees / CEOs of NGOs ...volunteers and retail donors ....
Then there are scientists whom we respect more because there is no caste, religion, body colour, nationality for discoveries .. its for all of us.


The large canvas is now ready, we want to make CSRidentity.com deeper and this will only happen if we reachout to you saying please share your social challenges, programmes and contact details so that people can connect with you.

So from 28.2.2018, we start the reachout process, requesting people to share information.
Its our editorial responsibility to take care of the cost and its our responsibility to get sponsors for social issues, health issues, new issues, countries, stakeholders .....
For you its free of cost but we want you to be responsible and not send us any images, presentations, pdf or word files .... just share us brief 7 liners or links.
And these can be from any country or from people who follow any religion or caste or from any body colour ....

Just email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com

Our purpose : Integration of social work by all stakeholders in all countries for universal development.

Our Vision : Universal development

Our mission : Be sustainable, reseasrch & promotion of individuals, institutions (organisations), nations (countries) working across the world on development.

Our focus : Each one has 5 fingers to hand. And interestingly, each finger has different length. Our five finger focus is :
1) Social issues : Share them countrywise through online research as well as through interviews.
2) Search engines : Help NGOs find right corporates & funding agencies and help people understand the challenges through interviews.
3) Brand enhancement : Branding is key whether it is for NGOs, corporates, funding agencies ....and even to religious & historical locations.
4) Sustainability & reputation : Each individual and institution must look at these two in a responsible manner.
5) Celebrities : Yes, they are celebrities in their field but we want them to take an additional role of helping people in the society because we know celebrities are big influencers. And we have started new types of celebrities like social workers, NGO founders, CSR people, PR people, Journalists and new way to celebrating birth / death days as well as online volunteering, doctors, hospitals.....

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.