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NO to no salary : Its good to think but it is not practical to live life.

Its free. NO.

When someone goes to a shop and ask for bread, wheat, rice ... are they given free just because you are working in the social sector and that too in the NGO / NPO ? NO. They charge.

Most of the persons working in the social sector has family expenses to cover or take a holiday for 7 days in a year and thinks of going to his native place (or any other location).
Is it free ticket to travel ?

If everything costs, then the NGO sector must be salary of its employees.

Social workers are Doctors

"Do you have passion to become a doctor or its just fascination?" : This is one clear, simple, straight question Dr Purandare asked Aum, when Aum got admission in his medical field.

Dr Harshad Purandare is different than most of the doctors because founder from his experience thinks that Dr Purandare is a global example of how a doctor balances humanity and professionalism. He knows that just fascination is not a long term solution to serve in the medical field.

CSRidentity.com thinking
Founder was initially thinking that he will take care of all the costs of Aum for his degree, post graduation and he should serve people free. Soon he realised from his own experience that no medicine is given free, no travel is free, no education is free .....Yes, medical field is a
service to people. But free service is not sustainable in the long run.

Doctor must get enough income for his service and expertise. The doctor must charge for services and if the income is more, she / he can donate it or offer the service free to people below the poverty line ...

Social workers are Doctors
Like Doctors give medicines or do surgery, social workers give service.
Social workers are Doctors
Of course the field of specialisation changes from health to social work.
Founders of NGOs are like Doctors who have own hospital and Social workers must be trated as Doctors in the hospital .

"An expert doctor who charges nothing" is not right in the initial stage of doctor unless she / he comes from a royal family with more than enough income or she / he wants to serve without income which is very very rare.

Salary. How much?

This is one question that many CEOs or board faces when deciding on the salary of employees they recruit in their NGO / NPO.

NGOs must treat social workers as social professionals. Now does a compnay pay the same salary to an MBA than someone who joins to compnay as clerk ? NO. There is salary structure. Even MBAs who join with no experience, those who have 3 to 5 years experience, those with 10 years experience ... get different salary.

So within the NGO sector, there are salary slabs. But NGOs should stop thinking that social workers are cheal labour. Remember, even labours are given salary and depending on their skill and experience, you give labout the salary or income.

"An expert social worker who charges nothing" is not right in the initial stage of social work unless she / he comes from a royal family with more than enough income or she / he wants to serve without income (which is very very rare).

Just passion without any money for sustainance is not right.

Salary. How much?

CSRidentity.com knows that Social workers working in a company get far higher salary than those who work in the Social sector.

Founder's colleagues who did MBA and joined companies or started their own company get far far higher income than what he gets.

And what founder realised it was either his weaknees in strategy implementation or weakness in thinking that social work must be done at far far far less income. He could have taken good salary and donated 50% or even 85% of it to people who need money.

Founder will now share how much salary the NGOs should pay to social workers and will start sharing it to people across the world.

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