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Why Thane as a global example ?

Thane is urban, rural and has many social & developmental issues and is also experiencing migration.
It was suprising to see human rights issues in middle class families in Thane and we the world will see how government & politicians handle these issues.

We had started a separate website only on Thane in 1999.
Then we started IndianNGOs.com, a website focussed on India, India's villages and became a social enterprise recognised by Ashoka, Washington.

After an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 we realised Thane is just one district of India and India is just one country and NGOs is just one stakeholder. We realised that there are millions of people working on social & development issues in their regions, their countries, their continents in 1 world and 1 universe and noboday takes money or hut, house, palace when she / he leaves this world.

It is important to promote humans doing work for their communities & nations across the world and may be in some other countries, their good work is replicated or scaled up or modified. They and their work need visibility & promotion. We must promote the work being done by individuals & institutions for not just human beings but that of other living beings, nature and non living things.

But we believe that while we share the programmes across the world, we should still work for the development of Thane.
Now we treat Thane as our global example area and have taken Pimari as a village where we will work for development of the village as a global example .
Thane was the largest district of India till 14.08.2014 (it was divided into two districts, Thane & Palghar on 15.08.2014).

Thane is urban as well as rural, was once an area where there were lot of SMEs, sees migration of humans from all places in India and Thane has many the social & developmental issues. Thane has a transgender which is the most famous transgender in India, has houses built illegally, experiences neglect or inhuman treatment given to the parents & senior citizens (we are personally experiencing this and want to see how the government treats this human behaviour)... has great artists (some are local celebrities and some are famous not just in Thane but across Maharashtra state or India as a country).

In Thane, we can personally meet poor, middle class, rich people. Visit officials who work in crematorium, women who sell vegetables, cobblers, people who sell milk, housemaids ..We plan to share many of them through video in 2016-18 (of course taking care of their permissions and legalities; like no video of the person in crematorium)

In Thane, when our cofounder Sanjay Bapat used to see people living on the streets, ate whatever was available or beg food, our cofounder started questioning himself as to what is the purpose of life, why live in a father's house, why eat nutritious food prepared at home or why eat in a good hotel ? Eating food at home or at friends houses, or at good hotels almost became a problem when he saw people staying & eating at roadside level. Manytimes he used to ask a simple question : "What is the purpose of doing engineering and then MBA in marketing if you cant work or at least raise voice of people suffering from economic poverty ?"

But Sanjay Bapat realised that a lot of institutions are doing great efforts & investing money doing this and instead of repeating the same, it is important to promote them. So he started a website on Thane in 1999.

Sanjay Bapat also met a lot of people : some below the poverty line, some government officials, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, philanthropists ...
He visited different countries in this world, attended global conferences and also met people staying in those countries.

Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat realised that each one is born differently and each one is given birth by parents of different backgrounds. Each school educated person attends school and is taught by teachers with different backgrounds and every citizen has a religion, set of political leaders she / he admires more, celebrities she / he admire like goddess / god. He has also seen that the parents giving birth to the person are good but the person acts in a different manner which cant be justified be many citizens in this world. Which simple means that each person is different from other person (actually that is why one started thumb print as signature because no two thumbs are same and I think in India one bank has started thumb on the mobile instead of remembering passwords. ...
What is important is to use this life for helping others rather than just worrying. There is no point in just criticising the situation.

So now, our cofounder Sanjay Bapat thinks that he must treat the person below the poverty line with the same respect that he gives for business leaders, political leaders, judicial leaders or anyone from his family. Thinking like this is ok but implementing this thought is very very difficult. He is trying hard to behave what he thinks and is not sure if he can behave like this all the time because business, judges, political leaders ... have very less time and at the same time, poor seem to have lot of time.

He has personally experienced born humans who dont even see their own father or father in law or grandfather who has just expired but still is in this world about to be taken to the crematorium (he thinks these are people have no emotions ). Let us be clear that neither the founder nor CSRidentity.com wants to waste time thinking about inhuman behaviour but we know that each individual has a different behaviour and some can dictate behaviour of others. Manytimes we think of not wasting our time but realise that such bad behaviour must not be replicated, so we must invest some time and use this as an example sharing bad behaviour.

He has also seen humans who stay in the close vicinity of the just deceased but not interested to see the just expired citizen for the last time (humans who act as emotionless people or humans who wrongly feel that they have won by not seeing a great human)

He has also seen what he believed were good citizens who unfortunately did not come to see (forget paying respect) the person who was about to be taken to crematorium. We are sure this is because some physically close person (not emotionally but unfortunately physical relative) dictates their behaviour.

He is proud that he sees military people killing opponent country humans because of country rules (or orders from top) but still treating the dead military officials from opposing countries with due human nature. Similarly he see police officials giving their life for the safety of citizens of this world.

Our cofounder believes that someone has mistreated persons who act like non humans.
Even during the day he dreams that at the end of each day before going to sleep, these people will be repenting their act.
Of course this may be a completely wrong feeling. If they dont repent their own mistakes then it is their decision in this life & we cant change it.
And this happened or happens in Thane. So treating Thane as a global example is a good or great way.

Our cofounder believes that it is better to invest time for economically poor citizens or citizens who work on social & developmental issues or economically okay people or economically great individuals who work on issues of each leaf & branch of sustainability tree & how corporates think about CSR in every department....

But there are great positive things in Thane, like
On 19th February 2016, Thane was the city which started festival where the artists (singers, theatre personalities...) who sat on a podium in Masunda Lake (Thane is also known as city of Lakes) at 6 AM in the morning. And these facilities were organised by Thane MP Shri Rajan Vichare.
Thane has citizens doing something amazing with science, or citizens becoming great IAS officials...

So Thane is urban, rural, has a lot of celebrities, good representatives in government, and also has a lot of untrue or sort of emotionally black people and therefore Thane is truely a Global example, and can certainly be an example for Universal development.

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