Age of animals

Elephant 70 years
Camel 50 years
Donkey 45 years
Horse 40 years
Lion 35 years
Deer 35 years
Bull 28 years
Pig, wild 25 years
Cat 23 years
Tiger 22 years
Cow 22 years
Ox 20 years
Wolf 18 years
Dog, small 17 years
Sheep 15 years
Goat 15 years
Fox 14 years
Dog, large 12 years
Rabbit 9 years
Mouse 4 years

Amazon Parrot 80 years
Macaw 50 years
Pigeon 26 years
Blackbird 18 years
Chicken 15 years

Galapagos Land Tortoise 193 years
American Box Turtle 123 years
Crocodile 45 years
Rattlesnake 22 years
Ant, queen 3 years
Ant, worker 0.5 year
Bee, queen 5 years
Bee, worker 1 year




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