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Official Website : http://amreli.gujarat.gov.in

Headquarters : Amreli
State : Gujarat

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 7397
Rural : 7084.2
Urban : 312.8

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 1514190
Rural : 1127555
Urban : 386635
Male : 771049
Female : 743141
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 964
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 205

Official language : Marathi

Helplines :
Serva Siksha Abhiyan – SSA 1800-233-7965
Serva Siksha Abhiyan – SSA 1800-233-1955
Gujarat State Helpline 1800-233-0222
MGNREGA – 1800-233-4567
RSBY – Rashtriya Swasthiya Bima Yojana – RSBY scheme 1800-233-1021
Mukhya Mantri Amrutam Yojana – For Major medical support 1800-233-1022
PDS, Food & Ration card, results GSEB, Ojas Jobs, ITI admission , form, old age, persons with disabilities 1800-233-5500
Women’s violence – AWAG 079-26442466 / 079-22770410
RTI – Gujarat Mahiti Adhikar Pahel 99240-85000
Police 100
Fire 101
Traffic Control 103
Ambulance 108
Blood Bank 1910
Child line 1098
Women Helpline – domestic violence, teasing, employment etc. 181
Women Emergency Helpline - Ahmedabad 1091

Population (Census 2010) :
In 2011, Amreli had population of 1,514,190

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Amreli District Information
Amreli is located near the Gulf of Khambhat in Arabian Sea. Amreli district is bounded by Bhavnagar dist. in the East, Junagadh district in the West, Rajkot dist. in the North and Arabian sea in the south. There are 11 Talukas & 7 Municipalities in the district. It covers 7381 sq.km. area. It has population of 13,93,295.

Amreli district derives its name from the town of Amreli, which is the Head Quarter of the district. It is believed that during the year 534 AD, Amreli existed as a city place with name Anumanji. After that the name was Amlik and then Amravati. The ancient Sanskrit name of Amreli was Amarvalli. Initially Amreli was the part of Former Gaikwad State of Baroda. During Gaikwad regime in 1886, the compulsary and free education policy was adopted in Amreli for the first time. After independence the district became the part of Bombay State and a separate district in Gujarat State after the bifurcation of Bombay State.

Geographical View
Verious type of stones are available in the district. They are useful in construction work of houses & roads. This district is having mainly dry climate. The district is famous for its main of literature. Kalapi, Meghani & Kavi Kag are finest examples of it. Renouned magician K-Lal belongs to Amreli.

Geography and Environment

Mountains & Hills Salemal, Rajmal & Chakrosar Hills. Lapala Hills are parts of Gir.
Rivers Shetrunji, Dhatarvadi, Shingoda, Santli,Vadi, Rayadi, Jholapuri, Thebi. All seasonal flow in rainy season only.
Vegetation Saag (teak), Sadad, Kher, Baheda, Coconut.
Rainfall 25 Inches Average
Climate Dry
Animals Cows, Buffalows, Sheep, Goat. Jafrabadi Buffalows are famous.
Crops Groundnut, Bajri, Jowar, Cotton.
Dress - Men Chorno (pyjama with tight bottom and loose top), Kediyan (frilled top), Khes (sheet) , Pagadi (turban).
Women Petticoat, Blouse with large sleeves, Odhani (a shorter sari)

POPULATION (2001 census) 50671017
MALES 26385577
FEMALES 24285440
SEX RATIO (females/1000 males) 921
DENSITY OF POPULATION (Persons/ Square Km) 258
LITERACY RATE (census 2001) in % 69.1
MALE LITERATE in numbers 17833273
FEMALE LITERATE in numbers 11994477
BIRTH RATE (PER 1000) (2002)P 24.6
DEATH RATE (PER 1000) 7.6
NSDP at current prices (2002-2003)* Rs Crores 105023 Rs Crores *(2001-2002)
PER CAPITA NSDP (2002-03) at current prices Rs 21276 Rs *(2001-2002)

Economic Activity
Services- Manufacturing- 34%; Services- 37%; Agriculture -24%
Investor Profile: Govt. 47%; Foreign 3.6%; Indian 49%

Investment Strengths: Business friendly state policies, responsive local administration, extensive network of roads, ports, railways and telecom in most parts, well developed financial structure.

State priority areas: Infotech, Gems/ jewellery; Electronics, garments; food processing; leather

Cell phone/ 100 persons: 0.98

Railway track length /00 sq km: 2.7



Road length per 1000 km : 628.8
Surfaced roads/ 00 sq km: 42.4

The road network in Gujrat is one of the best in the country, with 73,600 km of road length. Over 95% of this road length is surfaced. Traditionally, investment in roads has been through State Government and local body budgets. Since 1997, investments however, have commenced from the private sector also. The appropriate framework for collection of toll is also in place. This sector still offers opportunities for private participation.

By the year 2006-07. power generation is targeted to reach to a level of 14.937 MW in Gujrat from the current level of 8.615 MW.

Amreli is the International Airport while Keshod, Bhuj, Kandla, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Rajkot and Bhavnagar are the domestic airports.

Efficient telecommunication network is a prerequisite for modern life and in this area too, Gujrat has not lagged behind. By the end of 2001, there were over 25.71 lakh telephone connections spread over 2925 telephone exchanges in the State. There are at present, over 37,650 STD/PCO booths in Gujrat . Gujrat is one of a few states with a very high tele-density of 5.22 telephone connections per 100 persons.

Gujrat has the longest coastline - 1600 km - in the country dotted with 41 ports. Under the Port Policy. 10 ports at new green field locations are proposed to be developed. Of them, Pipavav is developed with private sector investment, while Mundra and Dahej have been developed in joint sector. Ports at Dholera. Hazira. Maroli and Positra are currently under various stages of development. The ports at locations like Mithivirdi. Simar and Vansi Borsi are open for private sector investment. It is also proposed to upgrade the facilities at the existing port of Bedi at Jamnagar with private association. In addition, there are at present, private jetties operational at 8 locations, while 3 more are under construction. The total investment in the port development is now estimated at Rs. 23,594 crore. This sector thus offers enormous opportunities not only for direct investments, but also in ancillary activities.

Gas Grid
To cater to the huge demand of natural gas, Gujrat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (GSPCL) - a nodal agency of Government of Gujrat -has been entrusted with the task of creating gas grid infrastructure in the form of a high-pressure pipeline network for transportation of natural gas through its subsidiary company Gujrat State Petronet Ltd. This ambitious project of gas grid in Gujrat is estimated to cost at Rs.1400 crore, to be implemented by 2010 AD. The basic objective of the project is to cover the entire state with a network of gas pipelines for transmission and distribution of natural gas. both for domestic and industrial purposes. For the purpose, the Government of Gujrat has recently announced a policy for gas distribution.

An Infocity has been set up near Gandhinagar with numerous facilities where an entrepreneur can virtually plug into the network with ease. The Software Technology Park with satellite linkages in Gandhinagar is progressing well. An info-tower has also been set up at Amreli by Gujrat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd.