Biotechnology Heritage Awards

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Biotechnology Heritage Awards
Recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of biotechnology through discovery, innovation, and public understanding.

Presented annually by
Biotechnology Innovation Organization and
Science History Institute

Purpose of the award
Encourage emulation, inspire achievement, and promote public understanding of modern science, industry, and economics".

The award is given yearly and was first presented in 1999.
1999 Awardee : George B. Rathmann
2000 Awardees : Herbert Boyer and Robert A. Swanson
2001 Awardees : Francis S. Collins and J. Craig Venter
2002 Awardee : Walter Gilbert
2003 Awardee : William J. Rutter
2004 Awardee : Leroy Hood
2005 Awardee : Paul Berg
2006 Awardee : Alejandro Zaffaroni
2007 Awardee : Ronald E. Cape
2008 Awardee : Henri A. Termeer
2009 Awardee : Robert T. Fraley
2010 Awardee : Arthur D. Levinson
2011 Awardee : Joshua S. Boger
2012 Awardee : Nancy Chang
2013 Awardee : George Rosenkranz
2014 Awardee : Robert S. Langer
2015 Awardees : Moshe Alafi and William K. Bowes
2016 Awardee : Stanley Norman Cohen
2017 Awardee : John C. Martin
2018 Awardee : William Rastetter
2019 Awardee : Janet Woodcock
2020 Awardee : Ivor Royston
2021Awardees :
2022 Awardees :
2023 Awardees : St├ęphane Bancel and John Maraganore