Identity (To start on 4 July)
Blogger Celebrities

From now, we will start sharing names of this type of celebrities in 50 plus countries in this forum.

But idea is more than sharing names. We plan to understand from them about important things like Identity of this category, do citizens value Art celebrities, roles & responsibilities towards Below the Poverty Line citizens or disabled ... do they donate blood because giving blood is sign of good health for the giver and very useful for the needy.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com the following
1) name of the person
2) the category of celebrity where we should put the name
3) link to the information about the celebrity (Not on our portal but on other official portal because for us the original source is far more important than just sharing link of the source)

Please note
1) The person shared may be alive or may not be alive like Newton or Edison are not medically alive but dont we remember them & their discoveries.
2) These persons can be used for advertising with their legal permission and not our permission.
3) We admire the popularity of the persons mentioned. We know that we dont have to take legal permission to just share names. Do we take legal permission to mention moon, earth, sun, any planet or river or scientist or any Prime Ministers or Presidents or Premiers. We are just sharing names.

Foreign embassies in India
1) We plan to write to the foreign embassies of various countries in India requesting them to share the names of various types of celebrities and if any embassy shares any names, we will share the embassy as source.
2) We are sending emails to embassies of various countries in various countries e.g. embassy of India in many countries or China or USA or Pakistan or North Korea in various countries and if they share names, we will give credit to them.
3) We know foreign embassies are extremely busy and will not remind them more than one time because for them, the work they do is part of representing that country in the country where the embassy is, and it is far far time consuming than sharing names. And we will take this as a dream attempt.

For details, contact Datacentre