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Blood Banks (Blood donation is through blood banks or blood donation initiatives where Blood Bank Ambulance comes to collect blood)

Governments : Share your related ministry links free
We plan to share the link to the Ministry related to Blood donation in country pages and in case of India, we have State / UT pages, where related state / UT ministry would be linked.

NGOs / NPOs : Share your programme links free
Red cross collects blood and we will try to share their website or contact details in each country.

We plan to share only links to the programmes (not actual programmes) of NGOs / NPOs countrywise because this enable the donor / volunteer to go to the NGO website, check the credibility, locations where they work, and others and contact them directlt instead of contacting us. We are like unpolluted air, you can use it free to walk, run, use vehicle or aircraft. Like you pay to be in the vehicle or aircraft, if you want people to know you immediately, you can be on top of every page for a nominal cost.

In case of India, when the NGO is working is more than 3 states, we will put the link on India page but knowing the need of the people that they want to contact local people, we can put the link also in related State / UT if the organisation has State / UT page

There are NGOs which may not have websites, so we can just put the name of the NGO and no email because manytimes, emails are sold and we are not the agency which sells emails for whatever cost. You can visit related organisations.

How to be on CSRidentity.com
1) There are no costs if you want to share just your name linked to your programme in any country or state / UT in India.
Just email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com your NGO name with link to your official website (Not website of other organisations which raise funds for NGOs or share names of NGOs or pages on government site or facebook or other important sites)

2) There may be large number of organisations across the world and one has to go to each country or state / UT to see NGOs, So if any NGO wants to be on top of every page of this issue folder, then we can do the same with a nominal fee.

3) Our server may not accept any emails which have images, presentations, pdf or word files. It will only accept emails which are 5 liners which are name of the organisation, website link, country (In case of India, the name of the State / UT)