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Alidou Badini filmmaker
Boureima Badini politician
Serge Theophile Balima journalist, diplomat
Djibrill Yipene Bassole politician, diplomat
Francois Djobi Bassolet journalist, historian, cultural leader
Andre Bicaba sprinter
Nazi Boni politician, founder African Popular Movement
Juliette Bonkoungou ambassador, jurist
Blaise Compaore military captain, president
Francois Compaore politician
Joseph Issoufou Conombo former prime minister
Daniel Ouezzin Coulibaly politician
Gabin Dabire singer, musician, composer
Noellie Marie Beatri Damiba journalist, diplomat
Boubacar Diallo filmmaker, author
Hama Arba Diallo politician, diplomat
Constantin Guirma prelate
Frederic Fernand Guirma politician, diplomat, writer
Henri Guissou politician, diplomat
Jacky Ido actor
Emile Ilboudo politician, diplomat
Monique Ilboudo human rights activist, lawyer, author
Gaston Kabore film director
Zabore "Zinda" Kabore politician
Joseph Ki-Zerbo politician, writer
Marthe Koala hurdler
Gerard Kobeane sprinter
Dramane Kone drummer
Bilgho Akaramata Kora musician
Moro Naba Kougri former king
Dani Kouyate actor
Aboubakar Sangoule Lamizana former president
Fanta Régina Nacro film director
Severine Nebie judoka
Adama Nombre civil engineer
Ablasse Ouedraogo politician, economist
Angelika Sita Ouedraogo swimmer
Fulgence Ouedraogo footballer
Gerard Kango Ouedraogo former prime minister
Idrissa Ouedraogo film director
Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo former president, physician
Joseph Ouedraogo trade unionist
Julien Ouedraogo sabre fencer
Rabaki Jeremie Ouedraogo road racing cyclist
Konkiswinde Hanatou Ouelogo judoka
Lassina Pare football referee
Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara military captain, revolutionary, theorist, former president
Thomas Sanon politician, diplomat
Idrissa Sanou athlete
Olivier Sanou athlete
Moussa Savadogo writer, playwright
Aristide Sawadogo basketball player
Marie Blandine Sawadogo politician
Salimata Sawadogo magistrate, ambassador
Jean Emile Somda jurist
Marie-Ange Somdah poet, writer
Malidoma Patrice Some writer
AIssata Soulama athlete
Luc-Adolphe Tiao journalist, prime minister
Irene Tiendrebeogo high jumper
Frederic Pacere Titinga solicitor, writer, poet
Sekou Traore filmmaker
Maurice Yameogo former president
S. Pierre Yameogo film director, screenwriter
Celine Yoda politician
Rene Jacob Yougbara swimmer
Dieudonne Yougbare bishop
Marlene Zebango politician
Saye Zerbo former president
Franck Zio long jumper
Henri Zongo military officer
Norbert Zongo newspaper publisher, editor
Alain Dominique Zoubga politician, physician
Paul Zoungrana cardinal










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