Business Celebrities : Personal challenges are inspirations

Business celebrities should not be seen as Philanthropists for a couple of reasons.
These are greats who think challenges in personal life should not affect professional attitude while managing business.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft, USA




Note founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat is fortunate to have a special child Rohan, who has sensory integration since birth. On his own, he cant lift eating food, take bath or do toilet ... While he is great inspiration to us, founder failed to do business professionally. That is why he started in 1999 to share the social sector and NGOs working to help society.

It took an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 which showed him the courage of his father Bhau, Dr Harshad Purandare, Philanthropist, Adfactors PR, Mastek Foundation, Venkat Krishnan and his school, college friends alongwith his wife and younger son Aum to show that challenges can be overcome by friends.

Now founder thinks world is his family, so friends can be from any country. If India has a war with any country, his friends from the country which is sort of enemy country, will always be friends because soldiers from both the countries are greats who are ready to die for their country and soldiers obey the rule of their superiors, whether the like the decision or not. Soldiers have parents, families, friends ...

In 2010, he changed his thinking of CSR from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation
After the accident, he changed it finally yo Conscience Sustainability & Reputation because his friends took care of Sustainability.