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Ai Weiwei artist, curator, architect, activist
Aixinjue luo Puyi last emperor of China
Alec Su actor, singer
An Wang computer scientist, inventor
Ang Lee film director
Athena Chu actress, singer
Bai Ling actress
Bai Shouyi historian
Betty Sun actress, singer
Bingyi artist, curator, scholar, architectural designer, cultural critic, activist
Bo Xilai politician
Bright Sheng composer, conductor, pianist
Cai Guo-Qiang artist
Cai Lun inventor of paper
Cai Xiang calligrapher
Cai Yuanpei chancellor
Cai Zongze politician
Calvin Chen singer, actor
Carina Lau actress
Cecilia Sun Yun Chiang chef
Chan Wing Wah composer
Chang Tao-fan member of Kuomintang
Chang-lin Tien chancellor
Chao Yuen Ren linguist
Charles Kao optical fiber inventor
Charlie Chan fictional detective
Charlie Yeung actress, singer
Chen Baogu actor
Chen Daoming actor
Chen Daqi politician
Chen Duxiu co-founder of the Communist party
Chen Gang composer
Chen Guangcheng civil rights activist
Chen Hao actress
Chen Huan You politician
Chen Jiafeng violinist
Chen Mengjia scholar, archaeologist
Chen Mingde politician
Chen Mingyi politician
Chen Ning Yang physicist
Chen Sa pianist
Chen Shui-bian president
Chen Wei human rights activist
Chen Yi composer
Chen Yinke historian
Chen Zeyu actor, singer
Cheng Siwei statesman, economist
Chiang Ching-kuo former president
Chiang Kai-shek political leader, military leader
Chien Shiung Wu physicist
Chien Wei-zang physicist, mathematician, educator
Chin Tsi-ang actor
Ching Shih female pirate
Chou Enlai former premier
Confucius politician, teacher, editor, social philosopher
Cui Tiankai minister of foreign affairs
David Ho AIDS researcher
Deng Xiaoping diplomat, Communist political leader
Diana Pang dancer, actress
Diao Yinan film director, screenwriter
Ding Shisun politician
Donnie Yen actor, martial artist, film director, producer
Dou Xian former general, statesman
Empress Dowager Cixi Qing dynasty de facto leader
Fan Bingbing actress, singer
Fan Wei actor
Faye Wong actress, singer, songwriter
Fei Xiaotong sociologist
Feng Gong actor, film director
Feng Xiaogang film director
Fu Baoshi artist
Fu Biao actor
Fu Hsi cultural hero
Fu Liang politician
Gan De astronomer
Gao Xingjian director, novelist, playwright, critic, screenwriter
Gaozu Han former emperor
Ge You actor
Genghis Khan Mongolian emperor
Gong Li actress
Gong Qiuxia actor, singer
Gong Shengliang preacher
Gongsun Longzi logician of the warring states period
Gu Yue actor
Guo Chunning graphic designer
Guo Guoting lawyer
Guo Tao actor
Guo Ziyi Tang general
H.H. Kung politician, banker, former premier
Ha Jin writer, novelist
Han Geng singer, dancer, actor
Han Qide politician, medical scientist
Han Shangdi former emperor
Hao Lei actress
He Binglin chemist
He Saifei actress
He Xiehou educator, politician
Hong Tianguifu former king of China
Hongwu former emperor
Hou Yauwen actor
Hu Ge actor
Hu Jia activist
Hu Jintao president of People's Republic of China
Hu Qiaomu former revolutionary, sociologist, Marxist, philosopher,
Hu Shih writer, philosopher, essayist
Hu Yaobang former leader of People's Republic of China
Hu Zhengyue politician
Hua Guofeng former chairman of the Communist Party, former premier
Huang Ming engineer, politician
Huang Qi human rights activist
Huang Zhizhong actor
I.M. Pei architect
Jack C.K. Teng educator, writer, politician, diplomat
Jack Ma business
Jalsan politician, scholar, Buddhist leader in the People's Republic of China
James Soong chairman of People's first party
Jeme Tien Yow railway engineer
Jerry Yang entrepreneur
Jet Li actor, martial artist
Ji Yunshi politician
Jia Hongsheng actor
Jia Zhangke director
Jiang Jianqing banker
Jiang Wen actor, director
Jiang Wenhao aviator
Jiang Wu actor
Jiang Zemin politician, former president
Jin Shengtan editor, critic
Jinyong novelist
John Chiang actor
Johnny Chan poker player
Kangxi former emperor
King Fuchai former king of Wu
King Goujian former king of Yue
Kublai Khan Mongolian general, statesman, founder of the Yuan Dynasty, former Emperor of Yuan
Lao Tzu father of Chinese Taoism
Lao Zi philosopher
Lee Teng-hui former president (born in Japan)
Leon Lai actor, singer
Li Ao writer
Li Bing football player
Li Ching table tennis player
Li Cunxin ballet dancer
Li Dazhao editor, critic
Li Dongyang Ming Dynasty scholar
Li Fan actor
Li Hongzhang former statesman
Li Hongzhi founder, spiritual master of Falun Gong
Li Lingyu actor, singer
Li Peng former premier
Li Po poet
Li Siguang geologist
Li Xuejian actor
Li Zhaohuan educator, politician, banker
Li Zicheng rebel leader
Liang Fa preacher
Liang Shih-chiu educator, writer, translator, literary theorist, lexicographer
Liao Xiaoyi activist, journalist
Liao Zhigao politician
Lien Chan politician
Lin Yutang writer, inventor
Linda Wang actress
Liu Dingshuang former secretary communist party of China
Liu Peiqi actor
Liu Shaoqi revolutionary, statesman, theorist
Liu Tao actress
Liu Xiaobo literary critic, writer, professor, human rights activist
Liu Zhijun railway systems engineer
Lu Banglie activist
Lu Xun novelist
Luo Yan screenwriter
Ma Biao chairman government of Guangxi
Ma Ji actor
Ma Ke fashion designer
Ma Ying-jeou president (born in Hong Kong)
Mao Dun writer
Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) revolutionary, guerrilla warfare strategist, founder of the People's Republic of China, Communist leader, Marxist political philosopher
Ma-Xu Weibang film director
Mencius philosopher
Meng Yi politician
Na Jin actress, screenwriter
Neilly Yang actor
Nina Li actress
Niu Ben actor
Pan Guang professor, director
Poon Lim sailor
Pu Yi former Qing Emperor
Qian Xuantong phonetician
Qigong calligrapher, artist, painter
Qin Hao actor
Qin Hui historian, public intellectual
Qin Shi Huangdi former king of Chinese State of Qin
Qiu Jin revolutionary, feminist, writer
Qu You novelist
Raymond Lam actor, singer
Ren Yexiang actress
Ruan Lingyu actress
Sally Yeh actress, singer
Shellz Zhu model, actress
Shen Kuo scientist, statesman of the Song Dynasty
Shi Hui actor
Shi Shen astronomer
Sima Guang historian, scholar, high chancellor of the Song Dynasty
Sima Qian historiographer
Song Jiaoren political leader, founder of the Kuomintang
Soong Ching-ling former president
Su Dongpo poet
Su Shi writer, poet
Sun Daolin actor, film director
Sun Tzu philosopher
Sun Yat-sen revolutionary, former president, founding father of Republic of China
Tang Guoqiang actor
Tang Taizong former emperor
Te Wei animator
Tien-Fong Cheng educator, politician, diplomat
Toktoghan historian
Tu Wei Ming ethicist
Tung Chee Hwa entrepreneur
V.K. Wellington Koo diplomat
Vic Chou actor, singer
Victoria Song singer, dancer
Wan Chaochen animator
Wan Dihuan filmmaker
Wan Guchan filmmaker
Wan Yanhai AIDS activist
Wang Canfa professor, lawyer
Wang Chien-shien former finance minister
Wang Fuli actress
Wang Gang actor
Wang Hongwei actor
Wang Jingwei politician, former president
Wang Kunlun politician
Wang Pi Three Kings philosopher
Wang Xizhi calligrapher
Wang Yan actress
Wang Zhiwen actor
Wei Jingsheng activist, writer
Wei Shuo calligrapher
Wen Jiabao premier of People's Republic of China
Wen Xingyu comedian
Willie Fung actor
Witness Lee Christian founder of the local church
Wo Weihan biomedical researcher
Wong Tsu aviator
Woo Tsin-hang linguist
Wu Di critic, historian
Wu Yi politician
Xi Jinping, president (As of 25.5.2020)
Xia Yi actress, singer
Xie Fuzhi military commander
Xie He writer, art historian, critic
Xie Jun chess player
Xu Fu court sorcerer in the Qin Dynasty
Xu Jinglei actress, film director, editor
Xu Shen philologist
Xuan Zang monk, scholar, traveler, translator
Xuanzang Buddhist monk
Xue Wei painter
Y.R. Chao phonologist, dialectologist
Yang Guifei emperor's consort
Yang Lan television talk show host
Yang Liwei astronaut
Yang Xin actress
Yang Yongxin psychiatrist
Yang Youxin scientist, filmmaker, painter
Yao Ming basketball player
Yen Chia-jin former president
Yu Bo actor
Yu Dan professor
Yuan Guiren academic, minister of education
Yuan Muzhi actor, director
Yuan Shihkai former emperor
Yuan Weishi professor
Yuan Xuefen actress
Yuen Woo Ping martial artist
Zeng Jinyan blogger, human rights activist
Zeng Liansong designer of the People's Republic of China's flag, economist
Zeng Qinghong politician, former vice president
Zhai Zhigang astronaut
Zhan Furui librarian, literary critic
Zhang Ailing novelist
Zhang Binglin phonologist
Zhang Fengyi actor
Zhang Heng astronomer, mathematician, artist, literature scholar
Zhang Jie physicist
Zhang Tielin actor, film director
Zhang Xueliang patriotic hero
Zhang Yimou film director
Zhang Ziyi dancer, actress
Zhang Zuolin warlord of Manchuria
Zhao Dan actor
Zhao Tao actress
Zhao Wei actress, singer
Zhao Ziyang politician, former premier
Zheng He explorer, diplomat
Zheng Junli actor, film director
Zhen-yi Wang professor
Zhou Dan lawyer, scholar, activist
Zhou Enlai former premier
Zhou Xiaochuan economist
Zhou Yang literary theorist, Marxist thinker
Zhou Zuoren writer, essayist, translator
Zhu De general, politician, revolutionary
Zhu Guangqian founder of the study of aesthetics in China
Zhu Rongji politician, former premier
Zhu Shijie mathematician
Zhu Xi philosopher
Zhu Xu actor
Zhuang Zi philosopher
Zhuo Lin politician
Ziyi Zhang actress
Zu Chongzhi mathematician, astronomer
Zuo Zongtang statesman, military leader in the Qing Dynasty

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