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We plan to share 100000 corporate websites by country as well as by name by 31.3.2025.

NGOs are keen to know the CSR Budget of companies. They can go to the website and see the Annual Report and in some cases the Sustainability report

What we are keen is Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates

This shares in brief various branches & leaves of the corporate tree like

like Vision, Mission, Purpose

like Governance, Ethics, Safety ...

Business Processes
like After sales or Cost cutting or Legal issues,

Community & Philanthropy
like donating money or employee time & talent

Financial resources,

Regulations & compliances
like self regulation or industry regulation

People & planet policies
like HR, Climate, Succession planning policies

Organisation environment,

Organisation health,

like Annual Report,

Stakeholder dialogue,

Important stakeholders
like Employees & their families, Consumers,

Signatory issues
like CEO Water Mandate,

Systems & indices
like SA 800,

like Government relations,






Djoueria Abdallah politician
Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane former president
Mohamed Abdoulwahab politician
Mohamed Ahmed politician
Mohamed Ahmed-Chamanga linguistic, writer, researcher
Abdallah bin Alawi sultan
Alimah III sultan
Azali Assoumani former president
Said Atthoumani politician
Mohamed Attoumane swimmer
Combo Ayouba military leader
Colonel Mohamed Bacar politician
Nourdine Bourhane politician
Haribon Chebani former president
Said Mohamed Cheikh politician
Ikililou Dhoinine president
Mohamed Djaanfari air force officer, politician
Maoulida Daroueche hurdler
Hadhari Saindou Djaffar sprinter
Said Mohammed Djohar former president
Abbas Djoussouf politician
Mohamed Said Fazul pharmacist, educator, former president
Said Hassane Said Hachim politician
Ibrahim Halidi former prime minister
Halimah IV sultan
Hassane Hamadi politician
Alawi bin Husain sultan
Ahmed Ben Said Jaffar politician
Said Mohamed Jaffar former president
Hamada Jambay footballer
Roubani Kaambi politician, ambassador
Said Mahdi Soilihi Kafe politician
Mtara Maecha politician
Tadjidine Ben Said Massounde politician
Nourdine Midiladji politician
Ali Mroudjae former prime minister
Abdou Djabir Msada civil servant, politician
Nawal musician
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi former president
Ayouba Ali Sihame swimmer
Bianrifi Tarmidi former prime minister
Moussa Toybou engineer, politician
Mhadjou Youssouf sprinter










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