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There are many issues in medical terms and we know as a responsible portal, we leave the details to governments of countries, medical law and doctors, hospitals, police ...

We thought is the best way, we can help is Information.
But again governments are rightly saying that they can give right info.

So what can CSRidentity.com do ?
The best say, we thought are sharing the mental status of the people affected by Covid 19 from non medical point of view and how their families, office colleagues, friends, neighbours can help not just the patient but more importantly the house of petient (not just mental health of parents, spouse, children but in economic terms, people can take care of medicine costs, hospital costs .... )

CSRidentity.com has Thane as global example.
And instead of giving names of patients, we thought the best way is to share success stories of patients who have beaten Covid 19.
In failure points will share just the points and not the person who was responsible for fault. (That is the job of local / national government).

Instead of calling us, one can email us (Datacentre@CSRidentity.com), so that we invest more time in research & promotion than talking. When you send email, just send 5 lines with links to your website (If we receive any email with presentations or images or word files or presentations, our email machine will reject it because donors and we will see the website for presentations, images, details rather then jamming our email box)

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