Interesting facts
The first Bermuda Day was in 1979 and replaced Empire Day, which was also on May 24, celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday on that date.

May 24 is also traditionally the day Bermudians first go swimming to celebrate the end of winter.

The islands of Bermuda are named after Juan de Bermúdez who claimed the islands for Spain in 1503, though he never actually landed there.

Bermuda became a British colony in 1707. It is now the oldest and most populous remaining British Overseas Territory.

The expression "Bermuda shorts" for knee-length shorts was first recorded in 1953.

The Bermuda Triangle, allegedly an area in the Atlantic of unexplained disasters or disappearances, was first mentioned in 1964.

Bermuda has more golf courses per person than any other country.

Bermuda has the only national flag that displays a sinking ship. It represents the 1609 sinking of Sea Venture, which led to the British settlement there.

The wildlife in Bermuda includes the tiny, whistling tree frog which is heard singing at night.

This year is the 400th anniversary of the first import of honeybees to Bermuda from Britain.



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