Cabo Verde

Interesting facts
Cape Verde is named after Cap Vert, which means Green Cape in Senegal, which is the western most point in Africa

The islands are divided into two sections, the Barlavento islands that are windward and the Sotavento islands on the leeward side. Bonus fact – Windward means the upwind from the point of reference and Leeward is the direction downwind of the point of reference

The natural winds on the clear sea waters make Cape Verde one of the best spots for windsurfing, diving and kite surfing

The islands are the 3rd largest nesting site for the endangered Loggerhead turtles. The beaches of Boa Vista and Santa Maria, give you the rare opportunity to see these animals in the wild
Charles Darwin studied flora and fauna in Cape Verde in 1832

The highest point is Mount Fogo, which is an active volcano, its highest peak is 2,829 meters above sea level

The currency used in Cape Verde is the Escudo – it is illegal to bring escudos in or out of Cape Verde

The language spoken is in Cape Verde is Portuguese, as the islands were a Portuguese colony from 1462-1975

The capital of Cape Verde is Praia

The country has 1,1557 square miles of land


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