El Salvador

Interesting facts

It has the third largest economy in Central America (behind Costa Rica and Panama)

The rainy season (May to October) is called winter (invierno) even though those months are considered summer in the Northern Hemisphere (this is so confusing to me, it took me some time to assimilate it)

It is known as the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Two of them are currently active

It has a population of almost 7 million in an area slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts (or Wales). This fact makes El Salvador the most densely populated country in the Americas.

Spanish is the official language but Nahuatl is still spoken in some regions. Nahuatl was spoken by inhabitants of the Central Valleys of Mexico too (ex. Aztecs)
Salvadorans are extremely friendly, warm and welcoming. Your heart will feel like exploding once you experience the kindness of Salvadorans
64% of the population lives in urban areas

The national bird is known as the torogoz (turquoise-browed motmot). Consider yourself lucky if you spot one (they are gorgeous!)

It is the smallest country in Central America and the only one without a Caribbean coastline

The cell phone density is one of the largest in the world (125 per 100 persons)

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