Interesting facts

Guatemala became independent in 1821. Other countries that became independent during the same year include El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. All these countries gained their independence from Spain.

The national anthem of Guatemala was not written by a Guatemalan, but by a Cuban – José Joaquín Palma. However, it was composed by Rafael Álvarez Ovalle.
The Quetzal is the national bird, and White Nun Orchid (Monja Blanca) is the national flower of Guatemala.

There are 21 Mayan languages (a language family spoken in Mesoamerica and northern Central America by at least 6 million Maya peoples) spoken in Guatemala. However, Spanish is their official language.

The currency of Guatemala—Guatemalan Quetzal—is named after the beautiful Quetzal bird. In ancient Mayan times, the feathers of this bird were used as currency.
One interesting fact about Guatemala is that Blue denim comes from the country!

The instant coffee process was invented in Guatemala by George Washington, an inventor, and businessman of Anglo-Belgian origin.

Do you like chocolate bars? The first ever chocolate bar was also invented in Guatemala during the Mayan times.

Chocolate residue dating back to 460-480 AD was found in a vessel in Guatemala.

The country has the second-largest concentration of Ozone. Ozone is a gas which is available both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere (stratosphere) and at ground level (troposphere).

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