Interesting facts
They are called ‘csikós’ in Hungarian. They live and entertain the visitors with amazing horse shows on the Hungarian Great Plain called the ‘Puszta‘.

It was founded in A.D. 896, before France, Germany or England.

It has 691 rooms, 20 kilometers of stairs and 40 kilograms of 23-carat gold was used on its interior decoration. It is also the largest building in Hungary.

Budapest was born when three cities, Buda, Pest and Óbuda (Old Buda) were united, and at first the founders had different ideas about what they should name the new city.

70 million liters of thermal water rise to the surface of the earth daily. Hungary has public bathing practices that go back to Roman times.

Dohány Street Synagogue is so large that it can seat up to 3000 people.

The mummified right hand of Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary is displayed in the Saint Stephen Basilica in Budapest. When the body of King Stephen was exhumated, they found that his right hand was still in very good condition. The hand was later stolen and burried by a cleric who was supposed to guard it. Later it was recovered and transported around Europe, till Queen Maria Theresa purchased it and gave it back to Hungary.

The Millenium Underground Railway line was constructed for the Millennium Celebration of 1896, commemorating the Hungarian Conquest of 896. It is the third oldest underground railway in the world after “Tünel” in Istanbul, and the London Underground.

The two words are ‘piros’ and ‘vörös’. They can mean the same exact shade of the red color and still, for some reason, we don’t normally use both of them interchangeably with all the words. Blood is normally ‘vörös’, not ‘piros’. Wine is also ‘vörös’, not ‘piros’. A ball is normally ‘piros’ and not ‘vörös’. An apple is also ‘piros’, not ‘vörös’. But a rose can be ‘piros’ and ‘vörös’ as well.

The Hungarian alphabet is unique in that it has some letters in it that are composed of more than one letter. For example the English ‘j’ sound from ‘jam’ is written as ‘dzs’ in the Hungarian alphabet, and it is considered one letter. If you learn the letters of the Hungarian alphabet, you’ll be able to pronounce every Hungarian word without a problem.


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