Interesting facts
Although Micronesia is composed of thousands of islands, its land area is only 3, 185.6 km².

The majority of the islands that form Micronesia are either volcanic islands or coral atolls. Of the 600 and some islands in Micronesia, a large percentage of them are formed by coral protruding above the surface of the water, which over tine becomes firm enough and large enough in area, to support the Micronesian lifestyle.

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) are Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk (formerly Truk) and Yap, stretching over a vast expanse of Pacific Ocean just north of the equator. Geographically, these four small states are part of the Caroline Islands, consisting between them of over 600 islands, of which only 65 are inhabited. Also parts of Chuuk state are the isolated Mortlocks, Hall Islands and Western Islands.

The name “Falalop” means “big island” or “main island” Many atolls in the Outer Islands, like Woleai, have an island which is called Falalop, meaning it is the main island of that atoll.

The Yap Islands are known for their fine diving waters, and adventurous tourists can also take trips to Ulithi.

Pakin Atoll is a small atoll lying off the northwest coast of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. The other inhabited islets of Pakin Atoll include Painpwel, Wesetik, Mwanid, and Olamwin. The atoll is a popular site with tourists for diving and snorkelling.

Pacific Treelodge Resort’s wild trees and stunning ocean surroundings offer plentiful opportunity for exploration, adventure and relaxation. Whether it is canoeing down the Mother Snake’s mangrove channels, diving or snorkeling in the pristine ocean, hiking the lush mountains or ancient trails, or simply relaxing in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean you will be mesmerized by the diversity, abundance and beauty of local flora, fauna, animals and birds.

Without doubt, Truk has the best wreck diving in the world. The density of WWII wrecks is unmatched. There is wreck diving also in shallower waters from 15-40 meters (50-130 ft), no need to go deep! But those who love deep wreck diving get their thrills for sure. All is available in Truk! Diving can be done from liveaboards or land based with day boats. A decompression chamber is located on the main island in Weno.

Black Coral Island is not a resort, but the snorkeling was excellent, five-foot shark included. The bright fish and multi-textured corals are stunningly beautiful.

Liduduhniap Falls is a double waterfall located just outside of Kolonia. It is a very easy hike with easy access from the road.


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