Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Interesting facts

There are over 32 stunning islands and cays that make up St Vincent & The Grenadines. Of these, nine are inhabited.

The capital of St Vincent & The Grenadines is Kingstown which is often referred to as “The City of Arches” due to there being 400 arches in the capital.

There is an active volcano on St Vincent which last erupted in 1979.

St Vincent & The Grenadines is home to the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Western Hemisphere and was founded in 1765.

The national bird is the Amazona Guildingii.

Fried Jackfish with Roasted Breadfruit is the national dish. Both are equally delicious.

There are gold, black and white sand beaches in St Vincent & The Grenadines.

The King’s Hill Reserve is one of the oldest forest reserves in the western hemisphere. Established in 1791 and with an elevation of 600 feet, it provides a habitat for protected wildlife and a home for more than 26 identified species of tropical trees and shrubs.

Pirates of the Caribbean I, II and III were all filmed here.

The Prime Minister of St Vincent & The Grenadines is Dr Ralph Gonsalves. The country is governed under the Westminster political system.



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