Sierra Leone

Interesting facts

The country’s name has been derived from the words "Serra Leao," which in Portuguese mean- "Lion Mountain Range".

Sierra Leone is one of the smallest republics in Africa and in terms of size it ranks as the 118th largest country in the world.

For a country as small as this, Sierra Leone is home to an astounding 16 groups belong to different ethnicities. Each ethnic group has their own language. The Temne are the largest and most influential group followed by Mende group.

Formed in 2007, Sierra Leone is one of the youngest democracies in the world.

The country made headlines on 14 February 1972, when the "Star of Sierra Leone", the third-largest gem-quality diamond in the world, was discovered in Koidu.

Eunice Barber, one of the topmost female athletes in the world, was born in this country.

The Queen Elizabeth II Qua, the world’s third largest natural harbor is in Sierra Leone.

In 1894, the British established The Sierra Leone Police. It is one of West Africa’s oldest police forces.

With coastal rainfall reaching 495 cm (195 inches) annually, it is one of Western Africa’s wettest places.

During the 2009 Miss World competition, Mariatu Kargbo, who was Sierra Leone's delegate and speaks English, Chinese and Creole created a great impression on the judges. Though she did not win the title, she went on to win two special awards.


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