Welcome To Cuba

Cuba National Anthem
The Bayamo Anthem

Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo!
The motherland looks proudly to you;
Do not fear a glorious death,
Because to die for the fatherland is to live.

To live in chains is to die,
In dishonour and ignominy,
Hear the clarion's call;
Hasten, brave ones, to battle!

Fear not the fierce Iberian
which all are cowardly tyrant
not resist the brave Cuban
forever the empire fell.

Free Cuba! Spain already died,
their power and pride is gone do?
Hear the sound of the bugle
To arms!, Brave, run!

Behold our hosts triumphant
behold it to them fallen
overcome by fleeing cowards:
by brave, we found success!

Free Cuba! We shout
the terrible roar of the cannon.
Hear the sound of the trumpet,
To arms!, Brave, run!

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