Datar Cancer Genetics, India

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How the company is different and it product needs global attention ?
Datar Cancer Genetics is producing
Accurate, affordable and NON-INVASIVE Cancer screening;
Clinically relevant, NON-INVASIVE test for complete diagnosis of cancer to substitute invasive tissue extraction;
NON-INVASIVE biopsy for diagnosis of brain lesions as per WHO classification of brain tumors;
Identification of viable treatment options against drug resistant cancers;
Risk-free, radiation-free monitoring of treatment response / recurrence;
Ultra Personalised Immunotherapy with Autologous Immune Cells.

HDo we know Rajan Datar, Founder of Datar Cancer Genetics, Nasik, India ?
Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat did a public issue of Rajan Datar's earlier company wayback around 1990.

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