Diamonds across the world : Diamonds (Mines) 
Alrosa, Russian Federation
Anglo American plc, United Kingdom
Blue Nile, USA : Diamond retail e-commerce company in the world
De Beers Group, Belgium
Debswana Diamond Company Ltd., Botswana.
Dominion Diamond Corporation, Canada

Gem Diamonds, United Kingdom

James Allen, USA : privately-held retail diamond company in the world
Lucara, Canada
Petra Diamonds, United Kingdom
Rio Tinto, Australia (Argyle Mines)
Rio-Tinto Diamonds, United Kingdom
Rockwell Diamonds, Canada
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Diamond mines are only in 12 countries
(Nothing in Europe, South America, Antarctica)
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Africa continent
Country : Angola (3 diamond mines)
Catoca, Fucauma, Luarica

Country : Botswana (6 diamond mines)
Damtshaa, Jwaneng, Letlhakane, Orapa, Karowe, Lerala

Country : South Africa (7 diamond mines)
Baken, Cullinan (previously "Premier mine"), Finsch,
Kimberley, Northern Cape, Koffiefontein, Venetia

Country : Zimbabwe (3 diamond mines/ fields)
Baba Diamonds Fields, Marange diamond fields, Murowa

Country : Tanzania (1 diamond mine)

Country : Lesotho (1 diamond mine)

Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo (1 diamond mine)

Asia continent
Country : Russia (8 diamond mines)
Mirny GOK, Udachny GOK, Jubilee, Grib, Aikhal, Komsomolskaya,
International, Zarnitsa

Country : India (2 diamond mine)
Kollur, Panna

Country : Indonesia (1 diamond mine)

Australasia continent
Country : Australia (2 diamond mine)
Argyle, Merlin

North America continent
Country : Canada (7 diamond mines)
Diavik (Northwest Territories), Ekati (Northwest Territories)
Jericho ( Nunavut), Snap Lake (Northwest Territories), Victor,
Gahcho Kue (Northwest Territories), Renard (Quebec )