Doctors across the world - CSRidentity.com feels they are life celebrities


CSRidentity.com treats Doctors as celebrities
People treat film stars, Singing stars and some other specific stars as celebrities.
They think people take various trainings in colleges like medicine, engineering, architecture, arts, commerce, law ...
So doctors are just professionally trained people.

But when it comes of life treatening diseases or when one goes to even small operation like tonsils and when they are given anesthesia, they think doctors are life savers. After a few days, they again think doctors are like engineers, MBA graduates .....

Life savers are human gods and we want the world to treat doctors as celebrities. (Of course, our cofounder Sanjay Bapat thinks that we should value nurses, wardboys, people who take the patient by stretcher ... infact they spend more time helping a patient than the doctor. But the doctor invests time to save life.... he compares it with tavelling from Mumbai to Singapore .. typically one uses airlines and does not use automobile, boat and automobile ... because time is critical. So one thinks doctors are human gods not nurses, wardboys....)

Our plan from now to 31.03.2020
Initially we had thought that we should name doctors by country and in case of India, doctors by district.
We had planned to share minimum 50 000 Doctors in India districtwise and in many cases, specialisation of the doctor and in other countries, our plan was to share 100 000 Doctors from 75 plus countries and in many cases, specialisation of the doctor. Soon we realised that we can exceed the numbers shared above if the response from doctors, hospitals, journalists, volunteers, corporates, NGOs, celebrities, district collectors, health ministry officials ... is good.

There are doctors who go to multiple hospitals for surgeries or for advice (Like Multi National companies are present in many countries, doctors are present in multiple hospitals). It may happen that in some cases, the doctors name & surname can be same but his middle name (parent name) will be different. But we hardly we get the middle name of the doctor, so there may be duplication of name of different doctors. Here comes the Identity of a doctor. And sure in many cases, people see the face of the doctor and says she / he is doctor I was talking about. We mean Identity far larger than facial identity because our definition of identity if what you are which means human nature and professional nature of the doctor besides specialisation. But in case of emergencies, there is no time to see if the doctor has human nature, one just sees specialisation and in some cases the doctors are good (extremely good) in area of their specialisation but will not reduce their fees if they see the economic condition of the patient is not good. The doctors think that they use their medical skills and it costs ... whatever be the economic condition of the patient.... while we partly accept that, we do not agree with this thinking because this thinking is not complete thinking. It is only the doctor side thinking and doctors must know that all individuals have social responsibility.

So from April 2018, we will start the process of dividing doctors by category and then the country / district.

Just to let everyone know following great doctors

Dr. Christiaan Barnard.
A surprising miracle took place on 3 December 1967 while Dr Barnard operated a 53 year Louis Washkansky, an old grocer and replaced his heart with a 25 year old Denise Darvall. Darvall was a young woman who suffered from brain damage in an accident on 2 December 1967 in Cape Town. Dr Barnard secured permission from her father and conducted the successful transplant.

American cardiologist Dr Denton Cooley.
He is the surgeon who performed the world’s first implantation of a total artificial heart. In 1969, he became the first heart surgeon to implant an artificial heart designed by Domingo Liotta in a man, Haskell Karp, who lived for 65 hours. The next year, in 1970, "he performed the first implantation of an artificial heart in a human when no heart replacement was immediately available."

If the doctor is a family doctor, we will mention the specialisation as Family doctor.
If the doctor is a dean of a medical college or professor in a medical college, we will say Dr ... (Dean of ... college) or Dr ... (Professor of ... college)
We admit that we do not know most of the doctors. So the name of the doctor and their specialisation
is mentioned as per what we get from people mentioned on the left of the page. So in such cases, we put a star next to the doctor and the same star is given next to the name of the person or organisation which provides the name & specialisation. There are many doctors who do various kinds of surgeries (e.g. Dr. Vikas Mhaskar does many kinds of surgeries. In such cases, we say their specialisation is surgery)
In case there are mistakes, email to Datacentre and we can cross check with the source which gives us the information.
And yes, every human has expiry date and if you find name of a doctor who has left this world, then do send a mail to Datacentre.

Note : Do we say Dr Harshad Purandare or Harshad Purandare ?
If one is a graduate from the best engineering institute / university in the world or if one is an MBA from the top 10 universities / institutes in the world, we never say Engineer & then surname or MBA & then surname. It is interesting to know that in case of Doctors we say Dr. & then surname or Dr. then name & surname... We dont use the doctor style even in case of great scientists like we dont call Thomas Edison as Scientist Thomas Edison. We dont call Amitabh as Film hero Amitabh Bachchan ....

Like most of the poeple call them Dr...., we start with Dr. in each name.
(But we do face space limitation sometimes - like the homepage of CSRidentity.com where we have shared Dr Harshad Purandare's photo and below that the name with link, we are unfortunate to call Harshad instead of Dr Harshad or we call doctors from our family, Vikasdada & Megahnavahini when we know we should call them Dr Vikas Mhaskar & Dr. Meghana Mhaskar. But our editor is human and not machine.
So humanity & professionalism play important role with any content)

Note : How we put the doctors alphabetically ?
We put the name first and then surname.
In alphabetical term we will share Dr Harshad Purandare in alphabet starting with H and not with P.
So Dr. Ajay Thakker is shared in alphabet starting with A and not T.

Note : Why we mention specialisation ?
We will try to put specialisation because of two things.
1) Patients go to doctors based on their specialisation.
So a heart patient can not go for a heart surgery in a dentist clinic. Yes, the patient knows both are trained doctors but patient needs specialisation of doctor and equipments.
2) There can be doctors with the same name but they specialise in different areas.

There are some exceptional cases when patients go far off.
1) Some patients can economically afford to go to Delhi from say 10000 kms away location
2) In case of an absolute unavailability of a doctor with right specialisation
3) Someone stays 10000 kms away but while in Delhi, suffers from a heart attack, so she / he is taken to a hospital in Delhi and the doctor who treats is from Delhi or from nearby area say Gurgram (Gurgaon).

Visibility (Country visibility or global visibility)
We share doctors which want country visibility, on top of every page of India and these are shared in alphabetical order with the name and the district from which most of their time is invested in serivce.

Their name may be linked to their website or facebook or Linked in page..
If the doctor wants global visibility, then we will create a page in Global image folder and link it to that page.
To know more about India visibility, click here
To know more about global visibility, click here
To know more about district visibility, click here

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Asbestos related diseases
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Assistive devices and
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Arsenic caused diseases
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(Typically neurology)
Chagas disease
Chronic obstructive
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