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East Siang District NGOs

Agam Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd
Ane Siang Welfare Society
Apex Professional University
Banggo Society
Dite Mopang Welfare Society
East Siang Mising Walfare Society
Green Dreamers
Green Valley Welfare Society
Indigenous Tribal Art And Culture Enlighten Society
Kbc And Associate
Lisang Donyi Welfare Society
M G Community Skill Development Center
Mebo Prograssive Farmers Association
Mission-Better Arunachal Society
Moruk Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd
Nanyi-Gagi Society
Sibut Angun Bedang -21
Siku Welfare Society
Sisang Indigenous Area Development Soceity
Tarak Women Welfare Society
The Green Squad Team
The Sdfp Welfare Society Of The Arunachal Pradesh
Tony Koyu Foundation
Tribal Development Society

We plan to share more than 150 000 NGOs in India based on the district where it has programmes. So an NGO which has programmes in 10 districts, will be shared 10 times because they help communities in those districts. So 150 000 is the number of NGOs and the number of NGOs shared will be more because many NGOs work in more than 1 district.

If an NGO works in more than 10 districts of a particular state or more than 3 district in any UT, then we will also share the NGO on the related state or UT page.