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Fekry Abaza journalist
Rushdy Abaza actor
Khalil Abdel-Karim writer, scholar
Farouk Abdul-Aziz director, producer, screenwriter
Yahya Taher Abdullah writer
Iman Abdulmajid actress
Mohamed Aboutrika football player
Adel Adham actor
Ismail Adham writer
Frank Agrama director, producer, writer
El Deif Ahmed actor
Admiral Ahmose military soldier
Naima Akef belly dancer, actress
Akhenaton pharaoh
Mohammad Salim Al-Awa writer
Hassan al-Banna activist
Kamal Hassan Ali former prime minister
Abdel Al-Rashid Olympic medalist, wrestler
Karim Alrawi writer, playwright
Mohamed Aly Olympic medalist, boxer
Moustafa Amar actor, musician
Amenemhat III pharaoh
Amenhotep III pharaoh
Ahmad Amin historian, writer
Mustafa Amin columnist, journalist
Qasim Amin jurist, founder of Egyptian national movement
Bayoumi Andil linguist, thinker, writer
Yasser Arafat leader Palestine Liberation Organization
Ramy Ashour squash player
Ash Atalla television producer
Karim Abdel Aziz actor, director
Lobna Abdel Aziz actress
Abdel Rahman Badawi poet
Henry Barakat film director
Ibrahim El Batout director, producer, filmmaker
Tamer Bayoumi Olympic medalist, taekwondo athlete
Siham Bayyumi writer, journalist
Dalia El Behery actress, television host
Khairy Beshara film director
Abdel Latif Boghdady politician, air force officer, judge
Yehia Chahine actor, producer
Youssef Chahine film director, producer
Mimi Chakib actress
Cleopatra VII former queen
Karim Darwish squash player
Youssef Dawoud actor
General Djehuty general
Dua-Kheti scribe
Atef Ebeid former prime minister
Nabila Ebeid actress
Mariam Fakhr Eddine actress
Youssef Fakhr Eddine actor
Abbas Mahoud el-Akkad writer
Mahmoud Sami el-Baroudi former prime minister, poet
Abdel Moneim El-Guindi Olympic medalist, boxer
Mustafa el-Nahhas former prime minister
Naguib el-Rihani actor
Osman El-Sayed Olympic medalist, wrestler
Khadr El-Touni Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Laila Elwi actress
Adel Emam actor
Hussein Fahmy actor
Ibrahim Farghali writer
Mahmoud Fawzi former vice-president
Mahmoud Fayad Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Muhammd Al Fayed owner of Harrods
Feyrouz actress
Karam Gaber Olympic medalist, wrestler
Sanaa Gamil actress
Kamal Ganzouri former prime minister
Reham Abdel Ghafour actress
Boutros Ghali former prime minister
Samir Ghanem actor, comedian, singer, entertainer
Muhammad Loutfi Goumah patriot, essayist, author, barrister
Numan Gumaa attorney
Ratik Habib researcher, activist, author, politician
Faten Hamama actress, producer
Tawfik Hamid author
Attia Hamouda Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Talaat Pasha Harb economist
Mahmoud Hassan Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Ahmed Hassanein explorer, diplomat, politician
Hatchepsut pharaoh
Abd El Aziz Muhammad Hegazi former prime minister
Tarek Heggy writer
Ahmed Helmy actor, comedian
Hemiunu architect, priest, vizier
Hassan Heshmat sculptor
Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi poet
Soad Hosny actress
Tamer Hosny singer, composer
Taha Hussein writer
Hassan Ibrahim military officer, founder free officers movement
Ineni architect
Salah Jahin poet, lyricist, playwright, cartoonist
Ezzat el Kamhawi novelist, journalist
Maged El Kedwany actor
Kamel Keilany writer
Khakheperresenb scribe, writer
Amr Khaled television preacher
Mustafa Khalil former prime minister
Khaled Al Khamissi novelist, writer, producer, director
Arif Khudairi poet, novelist, folklorist, translator
Yosra El Lozy actress
Nadia Lutfi actress
Abdel Moneim Madbouly actor, comedian, playwright
Christopher Maher chef, actor
Naguib Mahfouz Nobel laureate
Ali Lutfi Mahmud former prime minister
Manetho historian, priest
Mahmoud Mekki vice-president
Mahmoud el Meliguy actor, screenwriter
Hesham Mesbah Olympic medalist, judoka
Michael Mina chef
Ferdoos Mohammed actress
Ahmad Fuad Mohieddin former prime minister
Zakaria Mohieddin former prime minister
Mahmoud Mokhtar sculptor
Mohamed Morsi president
Leila Mourad actress, singer
Salama Moussa journalist
Ibrahim Moustafa Olympic medalist, wrestler
Hosni Mubarak military commander, former vice-president, former president
Suzanne Mubarak former first lady
Ibrahim Nagi poet
Muhammad Naguib former president
Narmer pharaoh
Suad Nasr actress
Gamal Abdel Nasser former president
Ahmed Nazif former prime minister
Nefertiti political leader, former queen
Ahmed Fouad Negm poet
El Sayed Nosseir Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Ibrahim Orabi Olympic medalist, wrestler
Abdel Fattah Yahya Pasha former prime minister
Abdel Khaliq Sarwat Pasha former prime minister
Adli Yakan Pasha former prime minister
Ahmad Aiwar Pasha former prime minister
Ahmad Mahir Pasha former prime minister
Ali Mahir Pasha former prime minister
Hassan Sabry Pasha former prime minister
Hussein Rushdi Pasha former prime minister
Hussein Sirri Pasha former prime minister
Isma'il Pasha former Khedive
Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha former prime minister
Muhammad Mahmoud Pasha former prime minister
Muhammad Said Pasha former prime minister
Muhammad Tawfiq Nasim Pasha former prime minister
Mustafa Kamil Pasha lawyer, journalist, nationalist activist
Hesham Qandil prime minister
Ramesses II pharaoh
Ahmed Rami poet, songwriter, translator
Ahmed Ramzy actor
Gehan Rateb actress, singer, composer
Amina Rizk actress
Hind Rostom actress
Zaki Rostom actor
Seti I pharaoh
Amr Shabana squash player
Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi poet, publisher, physician
Hussein el-Shafei former vice-president
Mahmoud Shaker commander Egyptian air force
Mahmoud Mahamed Shaker writer, poet, journalist, scholar
Ibrahim Shams Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Essam Sharaf former prime minister
Omar Sharif actor
Farid Shawki actor, screenwriter, producer
Ahmed Shawqi poet, playwright
George Sidhom comedian
Farid Simaika Olympic medalist, diver
Mohamed Sobhi actor
Saleh Soliman Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Omar Suleiman former vice-president
Sufi Abu Taleb former acting president
Mohamed Hussein Tantawi politician
Thutmose III military leader, pharaoh
Khedr El Touni Olympic medalist, weightlifter
King Tut former king
Anwar Wagdi actor, writer, director, producer
Mohammed Abdel Wahab singer, composer
Youssef Wahba former prime minister, jurist
Youssef Wahbi actor, director
Ibrahim Wasif Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Magdi Yacoub physician
Ismail Yasin actor, comedian
Menassa Youhanna priest, historian, theologian
Bassem Youssef television host
Saad Zaghloul former prime minister, revolutionary, statesman
Ahmed Zaki actor
Ahmed Zewail Nobel laureate










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