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Paul Mba Abessole politician
Jean-Baptiste Nguema Abessolo educator, writer
Jean-Jerome Adam archbishop, linguist
Jacques Adiahenot politician
Jean-Marie Adze politician, diplomat
Pierre-Claver Akendengue musician, composer
Leonard Andjembe politician, professor
Andre Gustave Anguile politician, diplomat
Jean-Boniface Assele politician
Jean-Hilaire Aubame politician, activist
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang footballer
Lionel Baguissi taekwondo practitioner
Andre Dieudonne Berre politician
Paul Bie-Eyene ambassador
Louis-Emile Bigmann politician
Wilfried Bingangoye athlete
Alain Bernard Bongo president
Edith Lucie Bongo former first lady
Martin Bongo politician, diplomat
Pascaline Mferri Bongo politician
Paul Boundoukou-Latha politician, diplomat, author
Jules-Aristide Bourdes-Ogouliguende politician
Georges Rawiri politician, poet
Antooine Boussombo sprinter
Rene Radembino Coniquet politician
Patience Dabany singer, musician, former first lady
Georges Aleka Damas composer of national anthem
Anselme Delicat football manager, coach
Muller Dinda footballer
Jean-Fidele Diramba football referee
Emile Doumba politician
Remy Ebanega footballer
Pierre-Claver Zeng Ebome politician, musician
Roger Mengue Mi Ekomie politician, agronomist
Jean-Francois Ntoutoume Emane former prime minister
Basile Mve Engone archbishop
Franck Engonga footballer
Laure Olga Gondjout politician
Paul Marie Indjendjet Gondjout politician, civil servant
Sandrine Ilendou judoka
Franck Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet diplomat, politician
Imunga Ivanga filmmaker, writer
Georgette Koko politician
Pierre-Andre Kombila politician, professor, physician
Adjane Audrey Koumba judoka
Stephane Lasme basketball player
Romeo Braexir Lemboumba boxer
Blaise Louembe politician
Rolly Lumbala football player
Levy Madinda footballer
Pierre Mamboundou politician
Bruno Ecuele Manga footballer
Louis-Gaston Mayila politician
Gabriel Leon M'ba former prime minister, former president
Paul Biyoghe Mba former prime minister
Stephane N'Zue Mba boxer
Samson Mbingui footballer
Claude Albert Mbourounot football manager
Leon Mebiame former prime minister
Vincent Essone Mengue politician
Edna Merey-Apinda writer
Emmanuel Ondo Methogo politician
Axel Meye footballer
Anthony Mfa Mezui footballer
Junior Mikamou boxer
Paulette Ruddy Zang Milama track and field sprinter
Jean-Baptiste Mintsa-Mi-Mba politician
Yannick Mitoumba boxer
Antoine Mboumbou Miyakou politician
Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou politician
Charly Moussono footballer
Victor Muzadi basketball player
Zacharie Myboto politician
Honorine Dossou Naki politician, diplomat
Didjob Divungi Di Ndinge former vice-president
Emmanuel Ndong footballer
Henri Junior Ndong footballer
Jean Eyeghe Ndong former prime minister
Steeve Nguema Ndong judoka
Alexander N'Doumbou footballer
Idriss Ngari politician, army general
Petit Jesus Ngnitedem boxer
Oliver N'Goma singer, songwriter, musician
Joseph Ngoua politician, ambassador
Jean-Pierre Nguema physicist, politician
Melanie Engoang Nguema judoka
Allen Nono footballer
Vincent de Paul Nyonda playwright, politician
Stevy Nzambe footballer
Guy Nzouba-Ndama politician
Andre Mba Obame politician
Anthony Obame Olympic medalist, taekwondo
Paulin Obame-Nguema former prime minister
Jerry Obiang footballer
Jules-Marius Ogouebandja politician, ambassador
Daniel Ona Ondo educator, politician
Richard Auguste Onouviet politician
Alain Ndjoubi Ossami politician, economist
Didier Ovono footballer
Owanto multi-cultural artist
Francois Engongah Owono politician
Casimir Marie Oye-Mba former prime minister
Sylvestre Oyouomi politician, ambassador
Claude Damas Ozimo politician
Jean Ping politician, diplomat
Sylvestre Ratanga politician, diplomat
Angele Ntyugwetondo Rawiri novelist
Georges Rawiri politician, poet
Denis Dangue Rewaka diplomat
Rose Francine Rogombe former acting president
Alexandre Sambat politician, diplomat
Felix Siby politician
Raymond Ndong Sima prime minister
Merlin Tandjigora footballer
Patrice Tonda politician, diplomat
Paul Toungui politician
Aida Toure artist, poet, painter
Andre Raponda Walker author, ethnographer, priest, missionary
Leon Mbou Yembi politician
Paul-Marie Yembit former vice-president










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