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Skill Development : Success Stories

Donors like corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, Rotary or Lions or other clubs can share the success story giving example of a person who has benefited from NGO programmes and we will share it with the world free.

And below the 3 para story we will give the name of NGO with link to NGO site and the donors name with link to that donor's website.

Our idea is to promote NGOs, so that donors, volunteers, media should contact the NGO directly. We are not an agency which takes commission and we depend on sponsor to take care of our sustainability & your promotion costs.

We will share only 200 words story.

The success story is about the issue and not about the organisation.

An important point
Our system will reject any images, presentations, pdfs or any file you mail us because of many conditions like too many emails or virus situation. So send only matter and link should be sent in worlds like http://www.skilldevelopment/index.asp

Consultants / Media / Ad / PR agency
From CSRidentity.com's side, this service is free.
You can use your services to do consulting or research or promote the organisation shared here.

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