Any NGO in India can share its programme links (Only links to official websites, no images, presentations, files ...) free. Contact Datacentre@CSRidentity.com

Social Issue fora plans to help NGOs by sharing their programme links, so that donors, volunteers, media can contact them directly. .

India is a global example, so we have plans to share NGO programme links Statewise, UTwise and within the State/UT pages, we share links to NGO programmes districtwise.

If an NGO in India has programmes in 5 or more districts in any state, then it will be shared in the state page and if it programmes in less than 5 districts in any state, it will be covered distrcitwise.

If the NGO in India has programmes in more than 5 States, then it will be covered on India page.

If the NGO has programmes in more than 3 districts of a UT, it will be covered in UT page but if it has programmes only in 2 districts of a UT, it will be covered districtwise.

Also, many times, corporates do not do the programmes directly, they partner with an NGO. Same with funding agencies, corporate foundations, philanthropists.

We equate social issues to a Cardiac Surgeon .
e.g. if you are from India and visiting China for business and suddenly have heart attack which needs immediate surgery, then you are taken to a cardiac surgeon in China close to your current location in China and see which hospital is close to your location because going back to India may not be right timewise.

We think Social issues need immediate treatment.
The delay in addressing challenges of any social issues is harmful to not just that particular social issue but for the country. And integrate all countries and you see the world. So delaying programmes may affect the entire human chain.

India is our global example and we share Social issues in India.
But we have forum for corporates in each country, media in each country, NGO for each country ...

Funding agencies and philanthropists are shared in alphabetical order and with files named A, we plan to share related funding agency or philanthropist whose name starts with A. So Bill Gates will come in B and not G. If anyone wants Funding agencies in India, they can go through links to all the funding agencies and see which is in India or our team will work on that and share funding agencies in India for a nominal cost of Rs 2000/- to CSR Consulting Pvt Ltd. As of now we can only share funding agencies in India and not in other countries. As for Philanthropists, we do not give their websites or contact details because we dont want to enter into their privacy zone.

Contact us only through email : Datacentre@CSRidentity.com
We dont accept any presentations, images, pdfs or any word files.