Ashray Akruti Foundation : Global image enhancer : CSRidentity.com
CSRidentity.com will share the funding proposals, volunteering & donation opportunities of this hostel / school which we plan to share to individuals & institutions across the world to make global case studies by 28.10.2017


Ashray Akruti Foundation : Global image enhancer : CSRidentity.com
Ashray Akruti Foundation is working towards the welfare and rehabilitation of Persons with Disability.

It has a stay house for boys with special needs in Gorai.
It also has a school in Bhayandar East & West.

Special children face lot of medical issues and it is very difficult for poor families to take care of them. The foundation's stay house has also some citizens without parents or guardians.

The foundation doesnt have FCRA as of now and it is required to accept donations from out of India. But our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust has FCRA and if this Trust receives any foreign funding which is to be given to Ashray Akruti Foundation, we will be happy to give the entire funds (of course deleting bank charges for FCRA that we have to pay) to Ashray Akruti Foundation because it is one of the 4 development case studies which we are directly involved in.

We will soon share their funding proposals, volunteering opportunities and we are also trying to give them a tab which they can use where Doctors need not visit them but can see their students through video.

CSRidentity.com has personally seen how the foundation takes care of differently abled citizens staying there because Rohan, Founder's son and teacher of Integration is taken great care in Ashray Akruti Foundation.

Cecil Dmello