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Rodolfo Abularach artist
Allan Ayala Acevedo athlete
Luis Argueta director, producer
Jacobo Arbenz military officer, former president
Juan Jose Arevalo first reformist president
Ricardo Arjona singer
Miguel Angel Asturias poet, author, playwright, nobel laureate
Rodrigo Asturias guerrilla leader, politician
Allan Ayala Acevedo athlete
Kayb'il B'alam 16th-century leader mam people
Justo Rufino Barrios former president
Jose Batres author, politician
Oscar Berger former president
Virgilio Rodriguez Beteta historian, author, diplomat
Cesar Branas author, literary critic, poet
Manuel Estrada Cabrera former president
Luis Cardoza author, essayist, diplomat
Rafael Carrera first president of Guatemala
Enrique Gomez Carrillo literary critic, author
Carlos Castillo former president
Otto Rene Castillo poet, revolutionary
Emilio Arenales Catalan former president united nations
Juan Jose Gerardi Conedera catholic bishop, human rights defender
Alcina Lubitch Domecq author
Rafael Espada physician, politician
Irma Flaquer journalist
Mateo Flores athlete
Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes former president
Fernando Romeo Lucas Garcia former president
Jacobo Arbenz Guzman author, diplomat
Theodore "Ted" Hendricks football player
Flavio Herrera military officer, former president
Oscar Isaac actor
Antonio Jose de Irisarri statesman, journalist
Alfred Julio Jensen artist
Jorge Mario Garcia Laguardia jurist
Rafael Landivar educator, poet, "national poet of Guatemala"
Dieter Lehnhoff composer, conductor, musicologist
Virgilio Rodriguez Macal author, journalist
Myrna Mack anthropologist
Manny Marroquin music mixing engineer
Rafael Arevalo Martinez author, poet, diplomat
Rigoberta Menchu indigenous rights activist, nobel laureate
Francisco Mendez author, poet
Jose Milla author
Francisco Mendez poet, author
Carlos Merida artist
Mario Monteforte author, dramatist, politician
Efrain Rios Montt dictator, army general, politician
Jose Batres Montufar author, politician
Rolando Moran former leader guatemalan national revolutionary unity
Maria Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno singer, songwriter
Karl Palencia "Myztiko" music producer
Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio former president
Carlos Wyld Ospina author, poet
Gustavo Adolfo Palma tenor
Luis Gonzalez Palma photographer
Juan Carlos Plata football player
Carlos Pena singer
Fernando Quevedo physicist
Henry Raudales violinist
Adrian Recinos scholar, historian, translator
Rodolfo Robles physician, discovered onchocerciasis (robles disease)
Carlos "El Pescadito" Ruiz football player
Gabriela Salvado model
Hector Sandarti television host
Kevin Sandoval football player
Shery singer, songwriter
Rodolfo Galeotti Torres sculptor
Luis Augusto Turcios leader of rebel armed forces
Jorge Ubico former president
Tekun Umam last ruler, king of K'iche" maya people
David Unger author
Federico Urruela diplomat
Jose Milla y Vidaurre author
Anton Villatoro cyclist
Jaime Vinals mountaineer, first central american to climb Mt. Everest
Luis von Ahn educator, pioneer in crowdsourcing, researcher
Harris Whitbeck news correspondent
Rafael Yela artist, sculptor
Marco Antonio Yon leader revolutionary movement
Jose Ruben Zamora newspapers founder, editor










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