We are sharing names of NGOs having programmes on HIV / AIDS.
If you want to visit the NGO, you visit the NGO Folder related that country because each country may have different laws regarding NGOs.
e.g. http://www.CSRidentity.com/NGOsinJapan/index.asp for Japan

But if the NGO or corporate is on the right hand side of each page of this forum, then we link the website of the NGO to the name.


What is different in CSRidentity.com ?
1) We plan to share NGOs in all countries having programmes related to this issue and we also share challenges of subissues of the issue.
2) India is global example and we plan to share NGOs in 37 States, Union Territories and over 730 districts of India
3) Thane is our global example, so we have a dedicated page for Thane.
4) We give opportunity for NGOs and corporates to be on all pages through a nomial fee of Rs 3000/- GST or USD 50 from now to 31.3.2021
5) Any NGO either interested to share their programme free or take the opportunity to be on every page of this issue folder, can send email stating name with website link and the country they are from or in case of India, the State / UT / District. Email : Datacentre@CSRidentity.com
We dont accept any presentations, images, pdfs or any world files.