Welcome To Hungary

Hungary National Anthem
O, God, bless the Hungarian
With joy and bounty
Extend toward him a guarding arm
If he strives with an enemy
Long torn by ill fate
Bring upon him a joyous year
This people has suffered for
Past and future!
You brought our ancestors up
Over the Carpathians' holy peaks
By You was won a beautiful homeland
For Bendeguz's blood
And wherever the waves of
The Tisza and the Danube bellow
Árpád's heroic descendants
For us on the fields of Kuns
You flourished ripened ears,
On the vine-shoots of Tokaj
Dripped nectar.
Our banner you often planted
On wild Turks' ramparts
And groaned Mátyás' grave army
Vienna's proud fort.
Alas, for our sins
Anger kindled in Your bosom
And You struck Your lightnings
In Your thundering clouds
Now the plundering Mongols' arrows
You swarmed over us
Then from Turks a slave yoke
We took upon our shoulders.
How often rang from the lips
Of Osman's savage people
On our defeated army's heap of bones.
A paean!
How often did your own son assail
My lovely homeland, upon your breast,
And you became because of your own son
Your own sons' funeral urn!
The fugitive hid, and towards him
A sword reached into his cave
Looking round about he could not find
His home in his homeland
He climbs the mountain, descends in the valley
Sadness and doubt by his side
Sea of blood beneath his feet
And an ocean of flame above.
Castle stood, now a stone heap
Happiness and joy fluttered,
Groans of death, weeping
Now sound in their place.
And Ah! Freedom does not spring
From the blood of the dead,
Torturous slavery's tears fall
From the burning eyes of the orphans!
Pity, O God, the Hungarian
Who are tossed by waves of danger
Extend over him your guarding arm
On his misery's seas.
Long torn by ill fate
Bring upon him a joyous year
This people has suffered for
Past and future!

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