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Social, Climate issues
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Acid attacks
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Health is social
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Human rights
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Salt reduction

News on social, health, climate issue or science, planets
(We will not share news related to crime, naxalism, terrorism, politics, erotism..)

CSR ideas

Social issues was, is & will always be our heart.
But Heart is just 0.3% by mass of human boday. 99.7% mass is brain, stomach, ENT, Hands, Legs ..
So only 0.3% is NGOs and rest of the 99.7% are stakeholders like government,
corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, media,
volunteers, donors































NGO Programmes on 25 Social issues sharing free is not a marketing strategy. It is our responsibility to help NGOs across the world. is an integrator of people & organisations helping social sector.
We dont call you as sponsor. We call you as Responsible (Whether you are corporate or funding agency or philanthropist or celebrity ... what the world will see is your attitude of responsibility)
While in India, we have provisions for NGOs to share their programme links districtwise and issuewise, in countries other than India, they are shared countrywise.
It is free for NGOs in any country including India because NGOs in all countries need help.

Founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat worked on portal for NGOs working on Social issues in India since 1999. His heart was social issues. But his almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 made it clear that heart and brain integration is critical for social issues. He added health issues and separated climate issues.
More importantntly, he thought this is his second life (Not legal or medical second life but thinking) and enlarged the canvas from India to this universe, with coverage of world as primary focus.

So integration of heart & brain is required for all stakeholders because one can check credibility in financial terms by using brain and not just heart (too much emotions are not going to serve any challenges)

Programmes of all Social, Health, Climate issues will be shared free.
These are in the form of links to the official websites of NGOs, Governments, Corporates, Funding agencies who run, fund programmes.
The basic idea is fund them without us because we are just integrators of information and do not have time to check the credibility of the organisation as well as the impact of the money ysed.
While there is a separate forum for each social, health issue for India, the programmes in countries other than India, are shared in the respected country, SAR, Island.
Thane is our dream Brand, where there is a separate forum for not just each issue but each stakeholder working on the issue.
Climate issue forum will cover India and all countries together because it is affecting all countries at the same time.
The Social, Health, Climate programmes can be of NGOs, Governments, Corporates, Funding agencies ....

1) The funding proposals can be of NGOs, Governments, Corporates, Foundations, Funding agencies.

2) The funding proposals are shared free in the form of links to the official websites of stakeholders.

Heart integration with Brain
Heart power must integrate with Brain power when one is working with communities & nature.

Emotions overtaking thinking is natural when one sees a poor child not getting education or a heart patient not getting treatment because of lack of money.

That is where social and business attitudes must come together.
Its like a doctor doing heart surgery.
Focus is on patient, whether the patient is doctor's spouse or child or mother or father ... doctor must see the person on operation table as patient.
It is absolutely difficult even for doctors because they are humans first.
But while doing operation, they should act like scientific robots. Emotionless, precise.

One may call such doctors as emotionless or ruthless before the operation
but appreciate their attitude after successful surgery.

This world must be seen as an operation theatre.
But one cant do 24 hours 365 days operations. One must relax, eat, sleep .. that is what is the difference between those who do ruthless business and social enterprise where social attitude is not overtaking but is always present when one takes decisions.




The social, health, climate issues we cover in each country or in each district of India are shared below. But we have one page for each country and district in India in this issue folder, where we will invite leaders, communities, NGOs to share key issues in their country or in their district in India.

Dont think that is only about Corporates because with you, we are building a portal with far larger vision. For us, CSR stands for Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation. So we think of every government and stakeholder organisations (for profit as well as not for profits) and individual citizens.

Please remember, we have made provisions to share Identity of each category (this is not our thinking but people in that area) and 2 or 3 sample examples of corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, philanthropists, media, celebrities, doctors, hospitals, parents, teachers, rivers, scientists, Social work / MBA / Medical / Law colleges, Rotary / Lions / Giants / Sports clubs, Religious / Historical / Tourism / Experiential tourism locations and of course we share central governments, foreign embassies, UN office countrywise because the law of each country is or can be different. We started with this concept but then thought we should have separate category folders where we will share countrywise or district wise or country & districtwise names of organisations or agencies e.g. a separate corporate folder, where we plan to share countrywise corporates or a separate MPs folder where we will share districtwise Member of Parliaments of India (MPs) or a doctors folder where we will share countrywise names of doctors but in case of India, we share them districtwise doctors.

But we were told by visitors and clients that each country is different not just in law but has its culture, topography, political systems .... so we must go back to earlier process. We thought a lot about it and realised that though our founder thinks World is one, he must understand that world has countries and each country has different laws because they are based on the topical & administration procedures. So we had categorywise folders and within that folder we shared countries, then we went back and made each country / district folders where we share all categories in that country / district and after 5.5 years we are going back to our thought of categorywise folders like a folder for corporates, NGOs, Media ... where within that folder we have either countries or districts or countries as well as districts. This is not a question about what we think but a lot of research and then finally we decided that a doctor is a doctor and therefore we went back to our thought of categorywise folders.

But this is just one step, so our founder keeps his Global example India differently. Each social issue will be shared with districtwise programmes because integrate districts of India and you get country India. Of course for admin and other reasons India has 29 States & 7 Union territories and the laws of them can be different because they are governed separately though central government is main for integration. In health issues, we are just beginning to share challenges and solutions.

In all social issues, we have pages for each country.
India is our global example, so in all social issues, we have pages for each state / UT / districts of India.
In all health issues, we will start with medical challenges and solutions to each issue and challenges & solutions for patients & relativess.
We are planning to give links to country governent's on social & health issues, so that one can see what the government is doing for its citizens.
In case of India, the district pages have provisions to share names of doctors and hospotals in that district with specialisation is related health issue.
e.g. A cardiac surgeon in Murbad will come in Thane district.

All of us have brain and heart. Integrate them and then work.
We have experienced that many social organisations focus so much on social work (with heart) that they think if they are doing good, then money will follow good work (means they will get the money).
They hardly invest time in sharing their good work because they think good work doesnt need publicity.

But how can funders in metro cities within the country or outside the country know you are doing great work ?
Corporates are based in metros or minimetros because their employees want to live in a developed infrastructure like roads, airport, school, hospital, hotels, meetings .... So many professionals in corporates or foundations, funding agencies, volunteers, media are based in metros, cities and they may not be aware of the great work in rural areas.
Plus going to rural areas for volunteering is difficult.

Social sector must use business skills so that they can scaleup, get good employees, volunteers...
Working with 100% social mindset is not going to result in scaling up the good work.
So while they use heart, they must integrate it with brain to earn funds.

So it is clear that all must use Integration of Brain & heart.
Of course, the percentage of use of brain & heart will be different in case of corporates & NGOs will be different.

If a corporate is only using brain to earn money and has heartless behaviour, then they must remember that, heart is key.
One can be brain dead. But if heart stops, humans are dead, so have a heart.

Remember, its not just financial sharholders in the company that should invest 100% of your time & money.

Poor people are shareholders of this great big world, so alongwith the profits that you earn, if you help some of the Below the Poverty Line with heart, you get invaluable satisfaction.

And climate is the biggest shareholder of mother earth. So invest in climate, reduce plastic use, take care of climate positive work and packaging .

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