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Official Website : http://jalandhar.nic.in

Headquarters : Jalandhar
State : Punjab

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 2624
Rural : 2380.79
Urban : 243.21

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 2193590
Rural : 1032419
Urban : 1161171
Male : 1145211
Female : 1048379
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 915
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 836

Official language : Punjabi, Hindi

Helplines :
Additional Deputy Commissioner(Dev) 2223559 2224208
Additional Deputy Commissioner(General) 2224268 2220028
ADGP PAP 2456274 2456120
ADGP(Office cum Residence) 2203740 2203740
AIG PAP 2456275 2455517
Assistant Civil Surgeon 2227982 2459696
Assistant Labour Commissioner 2223960
Asstt. Commissioner (General) 2224727 2452722
Asstt. Commissioner (Grievances). 2224417 2224242
Asstt. Excise & Taxation Commissioner -I 2235915
Asstt. Excise & Taxation Commissioner -II 2458726
Asstt. Information Officer, 2224243
Asstt. Supdt. Post Office. 2282974 2235871
Asstt. Transportation Manager, Railway 2459847 2455157
BSF PBX 2249080-82
Chief Agriculture Officer, 2225005
Chief Gen. Manager Telecom Jalandhar 2459805 2459806
Chief Producer, Doordarshan, Jalandhar 2254265 2254266
Circle Education Officer 2457280 2258378
Civil Surgeon, Jalandhar 2224848 2459730
Commercial Officer, Telecom. 2211020 2282855
Commissioner , Income Tax 2459692 2459065
Commissioner Provident Fund 22,26,68,52,22,36,00,20,00,000
Commissioner, Income Tax (A) 2459718 2270322
Commissioner, Jalandhar Division,Jalandhar. 2224549 2459661-2458058
Commissioner, Municipal Corporation 2227215-2255244
Conservator of Soil 2452647 2,45,62,94,24,61,700
Control Room, All India Radio. 2225413
Dental Surgeon 2230933 2273666
Deputy Commissioner,Jalandhar 2224783, 5083536 2459664-5082131-2456091
Deputy Director, Local Government 2223426 2458943
Deputy Director, Sainik Welfare 2455423
Deputy Economic & Statistical Advisor 2223804
Deputy Medical Commissioner, 2227982 PP 2258989
DFSC 2223986 2456660
DIG Jalandhar Range 2261230
DIG PAP Administration 2456521
DIG Training II PAP 2456208 2226951
DIG TrainingPAP 221034 2456859
Director (F&A) 2210924 2273325
Director Land Records Punjab, Jalandhar 2254935
Director Medical College 2238299
Director Regional Centre 2201882
Director Youth Welfare 2204038 2258096
Director, Doordarshan, Jalandhar 2254268 2205101
Director, Puspa Gujral Science City, Jalandhar 01822-239909, 239830 2458114, 2240914
District & Sessions Judge, Jalandhar 2458384 459739
District Attorney 2459739
District Education Officer (Secondary) 2402078 2205420
District Employment Officer 2225791
District Health Officer 2227982 2272253
District Manager Markfed 2455583 2272366
District Manager, FCI 2457983 – 2225638 2455088
District Manager, Mandi Board 255676 795134
District Manager, Punjab Agro 2457634
District Manager, PUNSUP 2452029 -2452393 2272206 – 2464905
District Manager, WAREHOUSING 2273138 2230356
District Revenue Officer 2224417
District Small Savings Officer 2224599
District Social Security Officer 2459634
District Transport Officer 2224278 2237122
District Treasury Officer, Jalandhar 2224379 2227427
District Welfare Officer 2225757
Distt.Sports Officer 2459829 2262004
Divisional Conservator of Forests,Bist Doab Circle Jalandhar 2255740 2225318
Divisional Forest Officer, Phillaur 01826-222537
Divisional Manager, Forest Corporation Phillaur 222284
Divisional Town Planner 2223688
DM Punjab Schedule Caste Corporation 2223289
Doordarshan PBX 2254256 to 2254264
Doordarshan, Jalandhar
Drugs In-charge 22,79,82,22,30,933 2250434
Dy Chief Engineer(SE)- next to CE 2235066
Dy Commissioner Customs 2457274 2463803
Dy Director 2235778 0161-2460121
Dy Director Sports 2235359
Dy DMO 2255676
Dy RegistrarCooperative Society Jalandhar 2224709
Dy. Director, Accounts& Audit 2224383 233345 Kpt
Dy. Excise & Taxation Commissioner (Admin.) 2225677 2226101
Dy. GM, City, Telecom. 2455004
Dy. GM, Telecom. 2284468 2223858
EMERGENCY-Hospital 2227006
Engineer-in-Chief 2222286 -2225182
Executive Engineer, Jalandhar Drainage Div 2254415
Executive Magistrate 2224806
Executive Officer 2459824
FAX 2,22,32,78,24,52,352
FISHERIES (FFDA) 2225657-2463335
General Section, Central Excise 2459851
Golf Club 2220090
Govt College of Education Jalandhar 2458911
Guru Nanak Dev University Evening College 2253022
Hans Raj Badminton Stadium 2459793
IG BSF 2235561 – 456534
IG PAP 2456521 2226445
IG Zonal 2203740 2456491
In-charge Leprosy 2227982 PP 2208700
Incharge, Information Centre. 2224053
Information Officer 2224844
Joint Director, Public Relation 2458065 2459795
Junior Accounts Officer, Jalandhar 2224742
Layalpur Khalsa College (Women) 2223337 2225280
Mayor, Municipal Corporation 2459575-2273213
Medical Superintendent 2227560
NIC, Jalandhar 2236144
Octroi Supdt. 2223237
PAP Control Room 456272
PAP GO Mess 2456491
Passport Officer, Jalandhar. 2225991
POLICE ACADEMY PHILLAUR 08126-222061,223018
Post Office, Jalandhar 2227637
Principal Apeejay College 2225204 2404252
Principal B.D. Arya College 2265177-2260267 2260985
Principal H.M.V. College 2253710 2253719
Principal K.M.V. College 2291637- 2291741 2292375
Principal Regional Engg. College 2,29,36,52,22,93,301 2293652
Principal, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar. 2255641 to 43 2255661
Principal, Doaba College, Jalandhar 2291837, 2294579-2291851
Principal, Layalpur Khalsa College (Boys) 2,20,70,61,24,58,398 2222961
Punjab Health System Corporation
Railway Enquiry 2456072, 2456073, 131, 2456365, 2456366
Railway Enquiry, Jalandhar Cantt. 2262131, 260131
Railway Police Station 2223932
Regional Manager, PUNSUP 2452029 -2452393 2272206 -2464905
Registrar Cooperative Society, Jalandhar 2224636
Registrar, REC, Jalandhar 2291120
SD College for Women 2455122 2231102
SE Distribution 2225847
Secretary Market Committee 2255469 ,2258066 2293248
Senior Superintendent 2224807 2226593
Senior Superintendent of Police 2226497,2452444-48 2459789, 2263222
Senior Town Planner 2452507
Special Land Acquisition Collector 2271078
Sports School 2254334
Sr. Post Master 259850 2280940
Sr./ Chief Accounts Officer. 2224744 231828 Kpt
Station Director, All India Radio. 2458177 2452395
Station Superintendent ,Jalandhar Cantt 2260288
Station Superintendent,Jalandhar City 2456240 2456235
Sub Divisional Magistrate Jalandhar-I 2225007
Sub Divisional Magistrate Jalandhar-II 2235115
Sub Divisional Magistrate Nakodar 01821-220042
Sub Divisional Magistrate Phillaur 01826-222600
Sub Divisional Magistrate Shahkot 01821-260991
Superintendent ? DA/MRG 2452601
Superintendent ? Index 2223274
Superintendent Administration 2455287
Superintendent Jail 2402709 2403344
Superintendents (DC Office) 2224806
Superintending Engineer 2250977 2250966
Superintending Engineer, Drainage 2254633
Tehsildar Nakodar 01821-220021
Tehsildar Phillaur 01826-222539
Tehsildar Shahkot. 01821-260894
Tehsildar, Jalandhar-1 2225995
Tehsildar, Jalandhar-2 2225995
Tele Enquiry 2225589, 2225590, 2225591
Trust Engineer 2459834
WAKF Board Jalandhar 2282371
Water & Sewerage 2457254
XEN 2226638
Xen Mandi Board 2255739

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Jalandhar District
Origin of the Name of the District
The district is named after Jalandhar, a demon king, who finds a mention in the Puranas and Mahabharta. According to another legend, Jalandhar was the capital of the kingdom of lav, son of Rama. According to yet another version Jalandhar is said to have derived its name from the vernacular term `Jalandhar’ means area inside the water, i.e. tract laying between the two rivers Satluj and Beas, still another name of Jalandhar had been Trigartta, as it was waters by three rivers, Satluj, Beas and Ravi.

Jalandhar is located on the intensively irrigated plain between the Beas and Sutlej rivers. The city, which has major road and rail connections, is a market for agricultural products. Manufactures include textiles, leather goods, wood products, and sporting goods. Jalandhar was the capital of Punjab from India's independence (1947) until Chandigarh was built in 1953.Jalandhar is situated at 710 31’ East and 300 33’ North at a distance of 146 kms from state capital Chandigarh. It is at a distance of 350 Kms from Delhi on Delhi-Amritsar Highway. It is surrounded by Ludhiana district in East, Kapurthala in West, Hosiharpur in North and Ferozepur in South. It is well connected by road and train. Nearest Airport is RajaSansi Airport, Amritsar at a distance of 90 kms.
Total Area and Population of the District
According to 2001 Census provisional, the area of Jalandhar District is 3,401 sq. km According to 2001 Census provisional figures, the total population of the district was 19,53,508 persons (10,26,535 males and 9,26,973 Females).
Administrative Division of the District
The Jalandhar District consist of 5 tehsils/subdivisions viz. Jalandhar-I, Jalandhar II, Nakodar, Phillaur and Shahkot. Besides, there are 5 sub-tehsils, viz. Adampur, Bhogpur, Kartarpur, Goryan and Nurmahal. The district is divided into 10 development blocks, viz, Jalandhar East, Jalandhar West, Bhogpur, Adampur, Nakodar, Shahkot, Phillaur, Nurmahal, Lohian and Rurka Kalan. According to 2000-2001 figures of District Statistical Office, the district has 956 inhabited villages.
The climate of this district is on the whole dry except during the brief south-west monsoon season. The year may be divided into four seasons. The cold season is from the middle of November to early part of March. The succeeding period upto the end of June in the summer season, July, August and first half of September constitute the South-West monsoon season. The period from middle September to the middle of November is the post monsoon or transition period. Although tehsil Phagwara is in the Kapurthala District, for the description of climate the same has been included in the Jalandhar district.


The average annual rainfall in the district is 703.0 mm. The rainfall in the district in general increases from the south-west towards the north-east and varies from 551.3 mm at Nakodar to 892.3 mm at Adampur (Aera-obsy). About 70 per cent of the annual normal rainfall in the district is received during the period July to September, July being the rainiest month. Some rainfall is received mostly as thunder showers in June and in association with passing western disturbances in the cold season. The variation in the rainfall from year to year in the district is appreciable. In the 80 year, 1901 to 1980, the highest annual rainfall amounting to 181 per cent of the normal occurred in 1917. The lowest annual rainfall which was 55 per cent of the normal occurred in the year 1905. In the same period, the annual rainfall in the district was less than 80 per cent of the normal in 22 years.

On an average, there are 36 rainy days (i.e. days with rainfall of 2.5 mm or more) in a year in the district. The number varies from 30 at Phagwara to 45 at Adampur (Aera-obsy). The heaviest rainfall in 24 hours recorded at any station in the district was 304.8 mm at Jalandhar on 18 August 1878.

There is a meteorological observation in the District of Jalandhar. But it has started functioning very recently. So description follows is based on the records of the observatories in the neighboring district where similar climate conditions prevail. After February, temperature begin to rise rapidly. June is generally the hottest month with the mean daily temperature at about 41oC and the mean daily minimum at about 27oC. Scorching dust laden winds blow on many days in the summer season and the day temperatures on individual days may reach above 450C. Afternoon thundershowers which occur on some days during the summer bring welcome relief though only temporarily. With the onset of monsoon by about the end of June or early in July, the day temperature drop down appreciably. But the nights continue to be a warm during the summer. Due to increase moisture in the monsoon air, the weather is often sultry and uncomfortable, in between these rains. After about mid-September when the monsoon withdraws temperatures decrease, the drop in the night temperature being rapid. January is generally the coldest month with the mean daily maximum temperature at about 19oC and the mean daily minimum at about 6oC. During the winter season. Cold waves effect the district in the rear of western disturbances and the minimum temperature occasionally drops down below the freezing point of water.
During the brief south-west monsoon months and for spells of a day or two in association with the passing western disturbances high humidity prevails in the district. In the rest of the year, the humidity is low. The driest port of the year is the summer season when in the afternoons the relative humidity is 30 percent or ess.
The skies are heavily clouded and over cast on a few days during the south-west monsoon and for spells of a day or two in association with passing western disturbances during the cold season. During the rest of the year, the skies are mostly clear or lightly clouded.

Winds are generally light in the district. In the south-west monsoon season, winds from direction, between north-east and south-east, are common but on many days in the afternoons westerly to north-westerly winds predominate, except in the latter half of summer, when easterlies and south easterlies blow on some days.