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We plan to share 100000 corporate websites by country as well as by name by 31.3.2025.

NGOs are keen to know the CSR Budget of companies. They can go to the website and see the Annual Report and in some cases the Sustainability report

What we are keen is Sustainability & Reputation Tree of corporates

This shares in brief various branches & leaves of the corporate tree like

like Vision, Mission, Purpose

like Governance, Ethics, Safety ...

Business Processes
like After sales or Cost cutting or Legal issues,

Community & Philanthropy
like donating money or employee time & talent

Financial resources,

Regulations & compliances
like self regulation or industry regulation

People & planet policies
like HR, Climate, Succession planning policies

Organisation environment,

Organisation health,

like Annual Report,

Stakeholder dialogue,

Important stakeholders
like Employees & their families, Consumers,

Signatory issues
like CEO Water Mandate,

Systems & indices
like SA 800,

like Government relations,






Opal Palmer Adisa author, educator
Donovan Bailey sprinter
Buju Banton musician
Edward Baugh poet
Louise Bennett-Coverly folklorist
Yohan Blake Olympic medalist, sprinter
Usain Bolt sprinter
Paul Bogle national hero
Jean "Binta" Breeze poet
Erna Brodber author
Steve Bucknor cricket umpire
Orville Richard Burrell "Shaggy" singer
Alexander Bustamante national hero, labor leader
Prince Buster musician
Carla Campbell model
George Campbell poet
Veronica Campbell sprinter
Margaret Cezair-Thompson author
Colin Channerauthor
Charlie Chaplin singer
Clive Chin record producer
Tessanne Chin singer
Linford Christie olympic medalist, sprinter
Tami Chynn singer, songwriter
Jimmy Cliff musician
Michelle Cliff author
Carolyn Cooper writer, cultural theorist, educator
Christine Craig author
Chili Davis former baseball player
Kwame Dawes poet, editor (born in Ghana)
Desmond Dekker singer, songwriter
Coxsone Dodd record producer
Marcia Douglas author (born in England)
Elephant Man musician
Patrick Ewing former basketball player
John Figueroa poet, educator
Ricardo Gardner footballer
Marcus Garvey ppublisher, journalist, orator
Norman Girvan economist
Thomas Glave author (born in USA)
Bruce Golding prime minister
Lorna Goodison poet, author
Jean Goulbourne poet
Stuart Hall cultural theorist, sociologist
Lisa Hanna Miss World 1993, politician
Thomas Duffus Hardy historian
Lenford "Steve" Harvey AIDS activist
Selvin Uriah "S U" Hastings first Jamaican bishop
Sean Paul Henriques singer
Philip Henry artist
Michael Holding cricketer
Ben Johnson olympic medalist, sprinter
Ini Kamoze singer
Wynton Kelly jazz pianist
Diana King singer, songwriter
Sean Kingston musician (born in USA)
Venice Kong model
Michael Lee-Chin investor, philanthropist
Roger Mais journalist, poet, playwright
Edna Manley sculptor, "mother of Jamaican art" (born in England)
Michael Manley former prime minister
Bob Marley singer, songwriter, musician
Damian Marley musician
Ziggy Marley musician
Jody-Anne Maxwell Scripps National Spelling Bee winner
Mike McCallum boxer
Claude McKayauthor, poet
Alecia McKenzie author
Stacey McKenzie model, runway coach
Anthony McNeill poet
Brian Meeks poet (born in Canada)
Kei Miller poet, author
Henry Moore former colonial governor
Michael Mordecai engineer, community leader
Pamela Mordecai poet
Mervyn Morris poet, educator
Trevor Munroe political scientist, labor activist
Mutabaruka poet
Neville Neil bishop
Oku Onuora poet, "father of Jamaican dub poetry"
Merlene Ottey olympic medalist, sprinter
Augustus Pablo record producer, musician
Patra singer
P.J. Patterson former prime minister
Sean Paul musician
Dawn Penn singer
Lee "Scratch" Perry musician
Geoffrey Philp poet, playwright
Velma Pollard author
Asafa Powell sprinter
Patricia Powell novelist
Donald Quarrie olympic medalist, sprinter
Ernest Ranglin composer, musician
Claudia Rankine poet
Shabba Ranks musician
Duke Reid record producer
Victor Stafford Reid author
Winston Rodney "Burning Spear" musician
Osbourne Ruddock "King Tubby" sound engineer
Andrew Salkey author, poet (born in Panama)
Lady Saw singer
Dennis Scott poet, playwright
Eddie Seaga former prime minister
Portia Simpson-Miller prime minister
Malachi Smith poet
Michael "Mikey" Smith poet
Kiffra Solomon author
Ekwueme Michael Thelwell author, activist, educator
T.O.K. music group
Peter Tosh musician
Courtney Walsh cricketer
Barrington Watson artist
Robert Wedderburn political activist
Devon "Devo" White baseball player
Brian Williamson gay rights activist
Anthony C. Winkler author
Sylvia Wynter author, dramatist (born in Cuba)










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