Financial rich, And yes, Together, they give billions of dollars
to social, health, climate, any particular nation and future

1) Jeff Bezos : Amazon
Richest person on earth

Names of these richest individuals are from
1) People or families who have taken a Giving Pledge
2) Research of Bloomberg on 500 richest people on earth
2) Forbes 2000
rich people on earth

While we take the names of 1000 rich people from Bloomberg, Giving Pledge and Forbes 2000, we will do research on 1000 of them from various sources and link the source. The research will be on the philanthropic issues they finance.

On one page, we share only 1 person or 1 family, so there will be 1000 pages which will share your banner and we can change the link to the banner every two months.
Period : From now to 31.3.2021

Sponsorship cost
Rs 708 000/- or USD = 11000/- Includes : GST in India, Bank admin fee in case of foreign transaction. Sponsorship period : From now to 31.3.2020

Sponsorship fee include Global reseach & promotion (Online, telephonic, whatapp, emails), our sustainability, our profit

We plan to invite related professionals to share Identity of the sector, challenges it faces ....

We give opportunity for Corporates & NGOs to share their name with link to their official website on top of every page of the corporate forum for a nominal fee.

We are not a funding agency but an agency which brands NGOs so that they get funds, volunteers, good employees .... as well as help NGOs market their products and be sustainable.

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or
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Your banner can be here. Research & Promotion costs and period shared below the banner

Advertising fee : Rs 708 000/- or USD 11000/- to CSR Consulting
Fees include GST if the payment is in Indian Rupees from India & Admin charges of Bank if the payment is from any country, SAR, Island, Territory out of India.
Period :
From now to 31.3.2021.
Your banner of width 590px and height 900px will be on the right hand side of all 1000 pages (one for each of the rich person or rich family covered in this forum). Each page includes the person's name or family name, very brief information about her / him and their philanthropy focus plus the link to the foundation if the rich person or rich family has formed. Of the 1000 people / families, 100 will be from India and all the 1000 are not at all names we have decided but names we have taken by the world reknowned entities like Bloomberg, Giving Pledge, Forbes .. we take the name from these and others and do the research on their philanthropy
For details, contact Datacentre