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Maroun Abboud poet, writer
Cyrine Abdelnour singer, actress
Roger Achkar author, engineer, painter, musician
Reem Acra fashion designer
Said Akl poet, writer, playwright
Michel Aoun former prime minister, former acting president
Philippe Aractingi filmmaker
Emir Majid Arslan II independence figure
Prince Talal Arslan politician
Kamel Asaad politician
Ramy Ayach singer, songwriter, composer
Abdel Rahman El Bacha pianist, composer
Maroun Bagdadi film director
Samir Bannout bodybuilder
Gebran Bassil politician
Khalil Beschir auto racer
Julia Boutros singer
Butrus al-Bustani writer, scholar
Camille Chamoun former president
Chaouki Chamoun painter
Dany Chamoun politician
Dory Chamoun politician
Charbel saint
Maxime Chaya sportsman, mountaineer, explorer
Fuad Chehab former president
May Chidiac television anchor, journalist
Zakaria Chihab wrestler
John Dolmayan musician
Charles Elachi astronomer
Elissa singer
Samir El-Khadem former commander Lebanese Naval Forces, author, historian
Rony Fahed basketball player
Fairuz singer
Issam Fares politician, former deputy prime minister
Myriam Fares singer, entertainer
Sonia Fares fashion designer
Moustafa Farroukh painter
Suleiman Frangieh former president
Sam Farha poker player
Suleiman Frangieh, Jr. politician
Tony Frangieh politician
Samir Geagea politician
Amine Gemayel former president
Bachir Gemayel politician, militia commander
Cesar Gemayel painter
Maurice Gemayel politician
Patrick Gemayel singer, composer
Pierre Gemayel politician
Pierre Amine Gemayel politician
Fawaz Gerges professor, author
Mohammed Ghaddar footballer
Marcel Ghanem journalist
Wartan Ghazarian footballer
Walid Gholmieh composer, musician
Khalil Gibran artist, author, philosopher, theologian
Azar Habib composer, singer
Darine Hadchiti singer
Diana Haddad singer
Amin al-Hafez former president
Ounsi e-Hajj poet
Rafic Hariri former president
Saad Rafiq Hariri former president
Ed Hatoum ice hockey player
Assi El Helani singer
Charles Helou former president
Amal Hijazi singer
Elias Peter Hoayek patriarch
Selim al-Hoss former president
Youssef Howayek sculptor, painter
Elias Hrawi former president of Lebanon
Wael Jassar singer
Kamel Jumblatt politician
Walid Jumblatt politician
Jean Kahwaji army commander
Fares Karam singer
Leila Karam actress
Najwa Karam singer
Omar Karami former prime minister
Rashid Karami former prime minister
Mario Kassar filmmaker
Salwa Al Katrib singer
Alek Keshishian filmmaker
Michel Emile Kfoury "Wael Kfoury" singer, songwriter, musician
Marcel Khalife composer, singer
Arsinee Khanjian actress
Fadi El Khatib basketball player
Anthony Peter Khoraish patriarch
Bechara El Khoury former president
Elias Khoury novelist, playwright, critic
Venus Khoury-Ghata writer
Jean Succar Kuri businessman
Nadine Labaki actress, film director
Emile Lahoud former president
Amin Maalouf novelist
Fady Maalouf singer
Ibrahim Maalouf musician
Mahmoud Mabsout actor
Peter Macdissi actor
Pascale Machaalani singer
Elia Abu Madi poet
Charles Malik former president of UN General Assembly
Massari singer
Elie Mechantaf basketball player
Mika singer
Najib Mikati prime minister
Nayla Moawad politician
Rene Moawad former president
Youssef Mohamad footballer
Naziha Moukarzel "Majdala" singer
Zuhair Murad fashion designer
Elias Murr former deputy prime minister
May Murr historian, writer, poet, political activist
Michel Murr politician, former deputy prime minister
Khalil Mutran poet, journalist
Mikhail Naima author, poet
Octavia Nasr television journalist
Hassan Nasrallah leader of Hezbollah
Zaki Nassif composer, singer
Abeer Nehme singer
Nour actress
Adel Osseiran politician
Assi Rahbani musician, producer, composer
Ghassan Rahbani producer, composer, musician
Mansour Rahbani composer, musician, producer
Ziad Rahbani musician, actor
Ashraf Rifi police commander
Ameen Rihani author
Charbel Rouhana oud player
Majida El Roumi singer
Elie Saab fashion designer
Rola Saad singer
Nicole Saba singer
Sabah singer, actress
Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah research engineer, mathematician, inventor
Wadih El Safi singer, composer, musician
Karol Sakr singer
Pascale Sakr singer
Saeb Salam former prime minister
Carole Samaha musician, actress
Elias Sarkis former president of Lebanon
Rony Seikaly basketball player
Nasri Shamseddine singer, actor
Fouad Siniora former prime minister
Haaz Sleiman actor
Riad as-Solh former prime minister
Sami as-Solh former prime minister
Takieddin el-Solh former prime minister
Jamal Taha footballer
Suzanne Tamim singer
Serj Tankian singer, songwriter
Alain Tasso poet, essayist
Walid Toufic singer
Petro Trad former president
Gebran Tueni journalist, deputy
Afif Abdul Wahab surgeon
Salim Wardeh politician
Shafik Wazzan former prime minister
Haifa Wehbe singer, actress
Karel Wolf singer, songwriter, producer
Gabriel Yared composer, musician
Nawal Al Zoghbi singer










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