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Olubanke King Akerele politician, diplomat
Afifi Alaouie actress
Mae Azango journalist
Arthur Barclay former president (born in Barbados)
Edwin Barclay former president
Nathaniel Barnes politician
Joseph Bartuah journalist
Stephen Allen Benson former president (born in U.S.A.)
Kenneth Best journalist
Moses Blah former president
John Bernard Blamo politician
Edward Wilmot Blyden author, diplomat, educator (born in West Indies)
Joseph Boakai vice-president
Nathaniel Brander former vice-president
Angie Brooks diplomat, jurist
Dillard Houston Brown clergyman
Charles Brumskine politician, lawyer
Gyude Bryant politician
Monie Captan politician
Chea Cheapoo politician
Joseph James Cheeseman former president
William D. Coleman former president, former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Sekou Conneh politician, rebel leader
Al-Hassan Conteh academic
Helene Cooper journalist
Roland T. Dempster writer
Cecil Dennis politician
Roland Diggs bishop
Samuel K. Doe former president
Enoch Dogolea former vice-president
J.J. Dossen politician, jurist, former vice-president
Didier Drogba soccer player
Momolu Dukuly politician
Cheryl Dunye director, writer, actress
Ernest Eastman politician
Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh politician, diplomat
Michael Kpakala Francis archbishop
Comfort Freeman peace activist
Anthony W. Gardiner former president, former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Fatu Gayflor singer
Garretson W. Gibson former president (born in U.S.A.)
James Edward Greene former vice-president
Joseph Rudolph Grimes politician
Musue Noha Haddad journalist
Tamba Hali football player
Sumowood Harris bishop, peace activist
Gerhard Hoberstorfer actor
Daniel Edward Howard former president
Aloysius Itoka actor
Collins John footballer
Dulee Johnson footballer
Hilary R.W. Johnson former president
Wesley Momo Johnson politician, ambassador
Bhawoh Jue football player
Francis Kateh physician, academic
George Klay Kieh politician
Charles D.B. King former president
Knero songwriter, record producer
Kafumba Konneh Muslim leader, peace activist
David D. Kpormakpor politician
Robert Kpoto surgeon, politician
G.V. Kromah journalist, writer, politician
Benjamin Dorme Lartey pastor
Gabriel Baccus Matthews politician
Clarence Moniba writer, actor, football player
Harry Moniba former vice-president
Bai T. Moore poet, novelist, folklorist, essayist
Sio Moore football player
Lafayette Morgan economic advisor
John Morlu politician, economist
Darlington Nage soccer player
Dawn Padmore singer
James Spriggs Payne former president (born in U.S.A.)
Ruth Perry politician
James A.A. Pierre jurist
James M. Priest former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Joseph Jenkins Roberts former president (born in U.S.A.)
Joseph J. Ross former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Samuel Alfred Ross journalist, former vice-president
Edward James Roye former president (born in U.S.A.)
Alfred Francis Russell former president, former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Elias Saleeby politician
Wilton G.S. Sankawulo politician, author
Antoinette Sayeh economist
Ophelia Hoff Saytumah politician
Rodney Sieh journalist
Clarence Lorenzo Simpson politician, former vice-president
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf president
Momolu Sirleaf politician
James Skivring Smith, Jr. former president, former vice-president (born in U.S.A.)
Joseph D. Summerville former vice-president
Charles Taylor former president
Robert Tingban politician
Togba-Nah Tipoteh politician, economist, educator
William R. Tolbert, Jr. former president, former vice-president
William Tubman former president
Winston Tubman diplomat, politician
Sultan Tucker athlete
Alex J. Tyler politician
Jerome Verdier human rights activist, environmentalist lawyer
George Wallace politician
Bennie Dee Warner clergyman, former vice-president
Daniel Bashiel Warner former president (born in U.S.A.)
George Weah soccer player, politician
Rocheforte Lafayette Weeks politician, diplomat
Henry Too Wesley former vice-president
Izetta Sombo Wesley head Liberian football association
Anthony D. Williams former vice-president
Dioh Williams footballer
Samuel Kofi Woods human rights activist, journalist, politician, academic
Cletus Wotorson politician, geologist
Joe Woyee singer, musician, composer, artist
Christopher Wreh footballer
Allen Yancy former vice-president
Beverly Page Yates former vice-president










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