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Dino Acconci singer, songwriter, musician
Julio Acconci singer, songwriter, musician
Jose Martins Achiam karate champion
Ade (Jose dos Santos Ferreira) poet
Lam Bun-Ching composer, conductor, pianist
Domingos Chan footballer
Florinda Chan politician
Paul Chan politician
Chit Un Cheung footballer
Fernando Cheung politician
Fatima Choi researcher, statistician
Fernando Chui politician
Deolinda da Conceicao writer, journalist
Maria Cordero singer, actress
Chow Kam Fai politician, entrepreneur
Sam Hou Fai jurist
Alex Fong actor
Paul Fong USA politician
Chan Man Hei footballer
Edmund Ho politician
Henry Ho auto racer
Stanley Ho industrialist, entrepreneur
Ao Chi Hong auto racer
Lai Kin Hong jurist
Kuan Hsin-chi educator
Schellas Hyndman USA soccer coach
Lai Kin Ian attorney
Manuel John Johnson astronomer
Joe Junior singer
Kuok lo Keong auto racer
Leong Chon Kit footballer
Jose Lai Catholic bishop
Ka Koi Lam footballer
Patrick Lau architect
Joseph Lee politician
Angela Leong politician, entrepreneur
Isabella Leong actress
Noel Leung actress
Sophie Leung politician
Rogerio Hyndman Lobo philanthropist, politician
Gaile Lok actress
Ao Man Long politician
Che Chi Man footballer
Ho Chio Meng lawyer
Lei Kit Meng auto racer
Vicente Nicolau de Mesquita Portuguese army officer
Warren Mok opera singer
Alice Leonor das Neves Costa jurist
Ho Ven On politician
Abraham Razack politician
Michelle Reis actress
Francisco Rosario footballer
Au Kam San politician
Chan Kin Seng footballer
Henrique de Senna Fernandes writer
Terence Siufay singer
Soler music group
Felipe De Souza auto racer
Francis Tam politician
Wong Chan Tong politician
Jenny Tseng singer
Cheong Kuoc Va politician
Lau Cheok Va jurist
Tam Hio Wa jurist
Ts'o Seen Wan attorney
Ming-Na Wen actress
Xian Xinghai composer










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