When you enter the world for the first time in life, it is your birthday.

Like corporates give salary to all employees, can the top 100 donate Rs 3650/- per year or USD 50 per year to charities or NGOs of their choice so that you indirectly help communities and climate ?
CSR Budget, Ranked companies is the only portal in the world to share CSR or Sustainability links of Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 companies. We share them alphabetically keeping ranking to them but give link to where you can see details of each company as per Fortune & Forbes
60000 corporates in the world
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60000 corporates
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60000 Corporate Brands (Namewise corporates)

We plan to share 100 000 corporates by 31.3.2025 and 60000 corporates by 31.12.2023.

And each country may have different rules and regulations for corporates. So total 100 000 companies are shared in two ways.
The idea of sharing the companies by name came when we read Kering board has Emma. Now we knew Kering is France based
but it is not possible to remember 100 000 companies by country names.
So Kering can be seen in CorporatesinK and within that CorporatesinKe as well as in France folder.

Google is best and advanced search engine.
Seach Unilever USA in Google and you get over 2,00,00,000 results in 0.57 seconds.
Then we searched Unilever in Google and got over 13,50,00,000 results in 0.72 seconds
So you have to Google Unilever and the country name 150 times, to see Unilever in that country.
We are no where near Google in their Brand value and number of visitors and technology. But we are different.
We are human based not machine based. We know each human has only 1 life and her or his or transgender's time is critical. So we value your time.

By 31.3.2023, you just go to Unilever in alphabet U and within that Un which shares Unilever, you will go to Unilever link in about 100 times, with Unilever and then the country and each link is different because each country link for Unilever is different.

CSR Budget
Time is critical.
While we may share thousands of corporates countrywise and namewise. we dont share their CSR Budget, CSR issues and contact person.
People, specially from NGOs want them so that they can just contact 10 corporates funding the issue they have programmes in and in their country.
And we certainly cant do that for 100 000 companies every year because the CSR Budget per issue may change every year.

So we have shared how and where to search CSR Budget

For banner fees, send a mail to

60000 corporates out of millions of corporates is just beginning. But can 10 of them ask 10% of their employees to be birthday philanthropists ?

Opportunity to Brands

We give opportunity to 26 Brands which can have banner on alphabet A or B or C .... and each alphabet has 26 pages like Aa, Ab, Ac ... upto Az

More importanty, we will have about 80 to 120 corporates per alphabet, so if Aa has 160 Corporate Brands, then the organisation which sponsors Aa will have 2 banners plus 25 banners on top of Ab, Ac ...

Remember, the cost is towards, global research, global discussions, global promotion and our sustainability.